Bullseye :: CT

25 Apr


They say bad things come in 3’s, unless you’re one of the unfortunate few (me) for whom there is no limit to the amount of short straws you can draw at once. That means that like most stressed out Americans, I have a full complement of coping mechanisms.


Most of them involve alcohol and eating too much ice cream…er…I mean exercise and wholesome board games. But the best escape is through art! So sometimes when insomnia hits, I’ll take a drive with my camera.


This is the sort of magic I come home with….star trails obscured by a cloud bank and light pollution. Lol ¬†At least it was pretty. ūüôā

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Serenity :: NY

12 Apr
Serenity :: NY

Serenity :: NY

Sometimes you drive two hours for a sunset, and end up wading through spring runoff to photograph a waterfall instead. Life, right?

But there is a lesson there (besides a reminder to buy waterproof boots)… Opportunity is all around us, we just have to be open to it.

This shot is a single exposure, taken after the sun went down in a rapidly darkening forest. ( 14mm, 55 second, f/8, ISO 100 ) It was very blue…because blue hour…and color correcting made it look natural, but not better, so I opted for B&W instead!

Enigmatic :: England

3 Apr

Important life lesson….never take our historic sites for GRANITE. ūüėā

Shadows and Swirls :: NV

28 Mar

“Not all who wander are lost.” ‚̧

I’m not entirely sure why I never got around to editing these. I think it might have had to do with how special this sunrise felt to me….like I had the whole desert to myself, and I was hesitant to create something that wouldn’t live up to my memory of it. But in the end, beauty is meant to be shared. ūüėä
Quick shout out to David Pasillas Photography for his help with this edit. He’s a creative powerhouse, editing wizard and all around great guy….make sure to check out his page and leave him some comments to remind him he has a blog. Lol
This is a blend of 3 shots, two foreground (one with sun flare, one without) and the sky, combined to recreate the morning.


8 Mar

“Well behaved women rarely make history.” Eleanor Roosevelt 

Today is International Women’s Day. I frequently think about how fortunate I was to be born in a place where I have rights and access to education, am considered a person not chattel, and have the protected freedoms to pursue my passions. I am grateful for the strength of the men and women who came before me, paving the way for my rights and the civil liberties afforded other historically marginalized groups. I am, in equal measure, dismayed at the idea of steps backwards both here and abroad. Today, I encourage you to think upon the world outside of your own little cosmos, and put yourself in another’s shoes. Try to understand, not fear. Wonder to yourself, “What can I do to help?? What will my legacy be?” Everyone has the power for change living within them. Maybe it’s a helping hand, an encouraging smile, speaking up against the wrongs of the world. Don’t wait for someone else to take care of the problem. We are all equally responsible for our choices in life, and that includes the choice to stand by when you could have helped. 

Women of the world……have courage, follow your passion, know that you are just as worthy as the next person and fight for your right to live and love freely. The world needs more love, respect and acceptance, not less. Be fierce, ladies, but temper it with compassion and positive change will follow. 

This image is Dunluce Castle n Northern Ireland. I travel and photograph, despite the fears and what ifs, because it is my passion and I cherish that I have the freedom to do so. I like that I am able to contribute to the beauty of the world. By traveling, I develop an emotional connection to the places I’ve seen and people I’ve met. It helps me see wonder in the vast corners of our world, not fear. For me, it is the first step of many towards a life of compassion…and the world can use more of that. 

What is your first step?

Prehistoric :: England

21 Feb
Prehistoric :: England

Prehistoric :: England

Those sunbeams though. ‚̧

Footsteps of Giants :: U.K.

14 Feb
Footsteps of Giants :: England

Footsteps of Giants :: U.K.

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

There are a lot of stumbling blocks in our lives, reasons we feel fear, or sadness, or anger…but it is also within our power to choose life. ¬†We can choose to moderate our¬†fears with reason. ¬†We can choose to accept the sadness, and move past it. ¬†We can quench most anger with discussion, compromise and forgiveness. ¬†We can choose to embrace the good.

While these things start as choices, embraced¬†by both heart and mind, they are more than just an adopted philosophy. ¬†To truly live fully, your thoughts must be reflected in your actions. ¬†Say yes to adventure. ¬†Create memories. ¬†Vocalize your love for the people you care about. ¬†Open your heart to the people you have just met. Be willing to listen to another person’s story, and try to understand their perspective. ¬†Choose empathy – there is only one race, and we are all in this together. Have an enthusiasm for life that shows in every aspect of your world.

For me, choosing to live and seeking adventure started years ago with deciding that I was worthy, I was good enough, and damnit, if other people could find a way to bring their dreams to life, well, “Why not me?” ¬†Since that moment, when I opened my heart to possibilities, I have been lucky enough to see the beauty in both the countries and cultures of the world (like Northern Ireland, above), to face intimidating¬†challenges head-on and to meet some truly incredible individuals¬†who have reinforced my belief that most people are fundamentally good. ¬†My life has been immeasurably enriched by my willingness to live.

Nerdy Stuff: This image was taken at Giant’s Causeway. ¬†It is two blended images, for exposure and focus. ūüôā ¬†Want more info about classes with us? ¬†Contact us at info at seeingspotsphoto dot com.