Our Little Secret…

19 May
Our Little Secret :: Connecticut

Our Little Secret :: Connecticut

A lot of us have them….a place we love to just *be*.  A place we can explore, and play, and experience nature. A place that we love, and that we don’t really share because…well…that’s how you preserve the magic.

It’s interesting to me how wildly different, but equally lovely different parts of the world can be. Connecticut may not have the tallest mountains, deepest canyons, colorful rocks or most dramatic open spaces… but there is still so much beauty to be found in our own backyards. Saturday was overcast, so I spent some time exploring my corner of the state, chasing waterfalls.

Chasing Waterfalls

Chasing Waterfalls

This particular set of falls is not a “secret”, per se. It’s just not talked about much and as far as I’m concerned, that’s okay!  It’s one of the places I sneak away to when I need a little fresh air and call me selfish, but I enjoy it just the way it is…quiet. ;-)

Learn With Us

12 May

NH 676TightSM_wLogo_PaintedFire

“It’s alllliiiivvveeee!!”

Well, the New Hampshire workshop page is ‘live’, anyway. And much less spooky than Frankenstein. ::-)

In fact, of all of the ways we hope you describe our workshops…spooky isn’t one of the words we hope you choose. Lol We are shooting (heh…camera joke) for fun, informative, super-awesome-rad and since we can’t predict the weather this far out…sunny.

Now, we do have an early bird special going on for those of you who already know you want to make a trek to the White Mountains of New Hampshire this fall. You know…beautiful mountainous views….New England fall foliage…great hikes…waterfalls…


What I’m saying is, the White Mountains in autumn are incredible. You should plan to be there the weekend of September 26. And while you’re there, you should attend our workshop. :-)


Get more information about it here, or shoot us an email at seespotsphoto@yahoo.com


Raising Money For A Good Friend

6 May


If you need some wall art, I highly recommend David’s work! And the money is going to a good cause. :-)

Originally posted on iPhone Photographer | David Pasillas:

My friends just found out that, due to complications, they have to have their baby within a week, and their baby shower isn’t scheduled for a couple of weeks still. That means they won’t have all the necessities in time for baby’s arrival.

I’m hoping to raise some money for them through print sales, or donations. If you want to buy a print off of me through this weekend, I’ll put 75% of the profit towards buying some essentials from their registry, and give it to them ASAP.

Available sizes vary by image. Feel free to contact me to see what sizes the print you’re interested in is available in.

  • 8×10’s  $25
  • 8×12     $40
  • 12×18   $75
  • 16×24   $125

You can look through my images on this blog, or my Flickr page is probably the most up to date, other than my personal FB page. You may also find some stuff…

View original 63 more words

Waterfall Photography Classes

5 May
The Rush :: PA

The Rush :: PA

From a quiet tinkling of a stream through the forest, to the roar of a Niagara caliber drop, I just love waterfalls.  Maybe it’s because it is what I grew up with?  Maybe it’s because they’re so damn pretty?  Maybe it’s the challenge?

Probably all three.

Waterfalls are all different, with variable lighting conditions, air saturation, surrounding landscape, water speed and footing.  Really, I’ve found that each one needs to be treated as an individual to produce a photo that will capture the best parts of its personality (so to speak).  I’m grateful to live in an area that affords me so much practice with this type of landscape.  It’s turned into a cornerstone for my portfolio, and this year, I’m happy to announce, I will be offering waterfall photography lessons!  You can contact me at seespotsphoto@yahoo.com for more information, or sign up for our newsletter here.

I offer private lessons for those of you looking for a one-on-one intro to photography, as well as mini-waterfall workshops in the New England area and ….if all goes well with our permit acquisition…a large waterfall workshop this fall (to be announced, co-taught with David Pasillas), when the leaves are turning gold, yellow and red. :-)

The Pinnacles

28 Apr
The Pinnacles :: NY

The Pinnacles :: NY

In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous. – Aristotle

So often, my first instinct is to reach for the wide angle lens and shoot a traditional landscape view.  But there are times when the details call so strongly to me that I know focusing on the whole scene is a waste of time.  This was one of those moments.

What I like about this view is that is leaves you guessing…there is no sense of scale.  There is just texture, and color and depth.

Those of you who follow my other social media may already know what this is…but for the rest of you…any guesses?  What do you think this is?

(I’ll give you a hint…it’s not Mars!)

Black and White and Grey

22 Apr


Well…it’s April 22.  That means four things.

First, it’s Earth Day.  It’s one of those holidays that most people give a nod to in passing.  We humans are creatures of habit, afterall.  While we may remember to appreciate the beauty of nature for the day, making it a daily occurrence takes some dedication.

Just remember though…your life is 100% affected by your perspective.  A positive mindset can go a long way towards building permanent happiness.  One of the things that involves is appreciating what we have.  For me, that includes stopping to notice and experience the beauty of the world around us.



Now, as part of Earth Day awareness, we may also recognize we don’t do as much as we should to protect our planet.  But again, change is difficult.  “I want to recycle…but the recycling bin is down by the street.  I’ll just do it…..tomorrow.”
Here’s the thing though….you’re better than that.  Change is difficult.  Bad habits are hard to break.   I’m not saying it will be easy.  I’m saying it will be worth it.

At the moment, this is our only home.  That water? It’s all we have.  That polluted air?  Well, it’s all connected and it’s in your lungs too.  That soil? …well, you get my point.

Make a decision to be good to your world.  Give the gift of a healthy future to your children.


The House on Grass Island, one of many images featured in my new ebook. Get it now!

The House on Grass Island, one of many images featured in my new ebook. Get it now!


Ok…the first of four things is Earth Day.  The next thing?  A great Black and White Challenge issued by John over at Book of Bokeh.  John’s blog is great, and I enjoy his point of view on things.  Make sure to swing by and give his blog a read.

Now, I’ve actually already been issued several B&W challenges (and participated once a few months back), so I’m going to condense this round into one post.  I know, it’s not the way the rules read….but damnit….rules are meant to be broken.

The Pillars :: New Hampshire

The Pillars :: New Hampshire

In the spirit of breaking rules, and embracing monochrome images, I actually challenge ALL of you to give B&W a try.  It truly is it’s own art.  It is photography that carries it’s own set of guidelines to be effective, and requires a deliberate, thoughtful approach to have long term success in the medium.

(For those of you interested in learning more, I actually have an article about learning to see in Black and White in the newest issue of Light & Landscape Magazine.)

Oh!  That’s the third thing.  It’s April 22nd, and I have my art in that ^^ magazine.

Now….what was the fourth thing??

Enders Falls - Mono and Moody

Mono and Moody :: CT

Was it….eeerrr….ummm….  I am helping to run a new Instagram feature page?  Where we put together lovely images from contributors and share those images with like minded individuals in the hopes of creating a safe community atmosphere where people can discuss their mutual interest of photography??

Nah…that’s not it.  (Although I do help with a new IG account, which you can be a part of.  Just follow @i_took_a_photo and use the hashtag #w_my_camera )…..get it?  I took a photo with my camera!  Now you will always remember it!

But for reals, that wasn’t the fourth thing.  I should really start putting together outlines for my blogs.

out….lines…..reminds me of The Outbound, where I am now doing write ups on some of my trips.  The Outbound is a great website that any traveler, adventure…er?, and explorer should be a part of.  It gives you the background on what it takes to get to crazy awesome locations, like the ones you see in my shots.

It is also not number four on the “April 22 list”.  Maybe I meant to ask you to sign up for my newsletter?  Because you can’t get deals on the upcoming book without the newsletter.

Or maybe I was just going to tell you to stay cool, Daddy-o?  I don’t remember.  I need an assistant to start writing these things down for me.

WAIT!  Eureka!  I do remember!  Happy Administrative Professionals Day!  Buy your secretary a coffee today!

And on that note…You guys rock.  Thank you all for your continued support. :-)

Bonus image.  Just because.

SSP Endless Summer :: Massachusetts

SSP Endless Summer :: Massachusetts

The Light Lingers

20 Apr
Painted Fire :: NH

Painted Fire :: NH

The light lingers, colors of fire and gold painting the hills, caressing the world in one final embrace.


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