“Talk About What You Do, Talk About What You Love”…

4 Jan

…that’s been the mantra of my friend (entrepreneur and founder of the equine rescue – Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue – that I volunteer for) for years now.  And to be honest, when you love what you do, it’s easy to talk about it! =)

I think what he’s been trying to convey all this time is that without putting your name and your accomplishments out there, you’ll have a difficult time achieving your goals.  It may be your vision and hard work, but at some point, you need to involve others in your business plan.  Clients need to see your work, other professionals help you by giving you constructive feedback or creative inspiration, investors make your goals more attainable…and all of these people (and more!) have a place in the recipe for your success.

For me, I find a mix of real-world relationships with other local artists, involvement in online artist communities and being involved in art displays/shows works well.  All of these connections help me become a better photographer, and are invaluable in marketing my work.

A print of "Lake of the Clouds" at a local art display

A print of "Lake of the Clouds" at a local art display

So, get your work out there, mmmkay?  It’s not all going to be perfect, but we only learn by making mistakes!

Also, stay tuned…speaking of friends, I’m working on a joint blog post with my good friend William Woodward (www.wheretowillie.com).  It’ll have my first photo of 2012, it will have some exciting equipment mentions, some talk of goals for the new year…and possibly some mushy, girly thank yous for all of your continued support. =)

Product of the week: http://www.zazzle.com/lake_of_the_clouds_mug-168943196765871885


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