Bikes and Shadows

1 May

When I woke up today, my feet hurt.  My back was stiff. I was tired. And it was totally worth it.

I had a lot of fun in NYC with Will of – great photographer, full of information and more importantly, great company for a day in the city.  If you don’t know of his work, I highly recommend it.  He is great at HDR, and he goes the extra miles to get some unique shots.  He wasn’t joking when he told me that no things like fences were merely suggestions!

Will, Super Sized Egyptian Guys, and me!

Will, Super Sized Egyptian Guys, and me!

We didn’t get to see everything we had hoped for.  The Buddhist Temple I wanted to see in order to create an image for my Quotography project (for those of you participating, you have until next Sunday at midnight to submit your images!) was closed.  Per Will’s suggestion, we even tried sneaking in through a back hallway…no luck!

We also missed the 9/11 Memorial by…mmm…about 30 seconds.

However, what we did see was nice and more importantly, I’m inspired to go back. Hopefully, next time, I’ll remember my tripod. (D’oh!)  Yesssss…I said it… I had an I’m-not-really-supposed-to-be-having-these-yet-senior-moment.  So, low light images were tough.  But shadow bike images were oh-so-right!

Shadow Bike

Shadow Bike

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