The Power of Conviction

26 Jul


“Faith makes things possible, not easy.”

In all aspects of our life, we are tested. We fight with our loved ones, we make mistakes at work, we miss an opportunity, we don’t grow at the pace we think we should. People are quick to judge, but there are never enough hugs and pats on the back. For me, there is also a shortage of time.

Just like anyone else, there are moments when I feel tired, run-down and discouraged. Like most entrepreneurs, I juggle too much and I spend a lot of time reaching for the stars (while still striving to nurture the “right now” with the people I care about). In those moments, when I struggle with disappointment and focus, faith is the only thing that keeps me going.

I have to believe that things with the people I care about will get better.

…that mistakes will be forgiven, and that with hard work comes more opportunity.

…that I will find the time to study more, to practice more, to network more and to grow both professionally and as a person.

…that my efforts will yield results, and remember to be thankful for those results, big or small.

…that people will appreciate my photography, the way I see the world and the way I make my path through it.

…that I will continue to make progress towards the professional goals of traveling with a camera, and the personal goals for long-term, continued happiness.

I have to have faith.
Conviction doesn’t make my journey any easier.  Life is about balance, and for every good day I have, every laugh and smile, there will also be sadness.  People will disappoint me, I will fail at things, tears will be shed.  But on the days when I question myself and my choices, it is faith that will motivate me to keep moving forward.  Belief makes my dreams possible.

5 Responses to “The Power of Conviction”

  1. Nareen Luz Rivas July 27, 2012 at 4:35 am #

    Wow. It’s like you took a snapshot from my life at the current moment. Balance is something that we need to strive for on a day to day basis. Some days being better than others. From what I gather on your blog you seem to be doing a lot of great things with your photography. Keep at it. From what I’m learning entrepreneurship is hard if not harder than a lot of things because it’s only you at the helm creating something from scratch, but I also think it’s one of the most intrinsically rewarding paths we can follow (at least for us photographers, artists, writers, etc.,)
    And I know it’s cliche, but I also believe that when you are true to yourself and do the things you love it’s like a ripple effect that touches people in ways and capacities you aren’t even aware of but in a good way. I, for one like your site and ideas very much. You are a very inspiring person. So keep the faith my fellow blogger. The rest will work itself out : )

    • seeingspotsphoto July 27, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

      Thank you, Nareen. The support from our fellow creatives is so important to me. It is hard work, but I agree, the success I’ve seen – that any of us see – is very rewarding. Thank you for the knd words!

  2. Nareen Luz Rivas July 27, 2012 at 4:36 am #

    p.s. cool picture!

  3. monicazimagery July 27, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

    Beautiful photo! Life is always a juggle. I think most of us feel like this at some point. Sometimes we have to take a break or do something special for ourselves, even if it’s for an hour – just to breathe, get our bearings and feel good about ourselves. Then you pick yourself back up and fight on :). Good luck and remember to sit back, breathe and feel the wind sometimes. You’ll do great!

    • seeingspotsphoto July 29, 2012 at 9:09 pm #

      Thank you for the advice and kind words. =) I think I tend to stretch myself too thin sometimes, so I agree, even an hour feels like a vacation! haha

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