The Art of Patience

8 Aug
Rockport Rowboats

Rockport Rowboats

Holy Busy Few Days, Batman!

Late last week I took a quick day trip down to Old Saybrook, CT…I felt the itch to photo, though I wasn’t entirely certain what I would find. I’ve been hoping to shoot some old piers…if anyone out there in cyberspace has local suggestions, I’m all ears! =)

This past weekend I also made my way to Boston for a girl’s night on Saturday, and Sunday I got up super early, took a few photos of the shore while I was there, then rushed back to CT to take care of things on the home-front. So what I’m saying is…the theme of the week is going to be ocean, ocean and more ocean images. Time to get our boat on!

Today’s images are of some rowboats moored up on a dock in Rockport…these little workhorses were weathered, full of texture and character. Better yet, they were constantly shifting on the water, creating an ever-changing scene. The compositional variants, the subtle slide of an inch or a foot, the endless repositioning of the subjects created a wealth of interesting photographs. I easily sat on that dock for 20 minutes, just waiting for the scene to fall into place, then I would snap and wait some more.

Row, Row, Row(Your)Boat

Row, Row, Row(Your)Boat

Adopt the pace of Nature; her secret is patience. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Truly, one of the skills any photographer needs is patience. Generally speaking, we need to travel for hours, scout the scene, wait for the light, look for the moment when the subtleties of an image come into frame, anticipate the right look or turn of the body within your subject, wait for the moment of celebration or defeat, joy or sadness… There are infinite aspects of creating an image that you cannot control. It is our job to accept that, to watch an evolving scene diligently, and to be prepared to shoot when the moment arrives.

These boats were a perfect example of photo-patience. Personally, I think these images were worth the wait. =)


2 Responses to “The Art of Patience”

  1. Stephen G. Hipperson August 12, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    I’m not sure about the first, but the second is very nice and well thought out.
    I would totally agree with you regarding patience – coupled with anticipation, they are two of the most underestimated tools in our locker, so to speak.

    • seeingspotsphoto August 12, 2012 at 11:56 am #

      haha Art can be so subjective! I actually prefer the first one. 😉 Nonetheless, I think its great that you took the time to stop by and comment, thank you very much Stephen!

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