The Ugly Challenge

8 Sep

My good friend Will at WhereToWillie came up with his fun little challenge – our task was to find something that would generally be considered “ugly” and photograph in a way that makes it seem…well…interesting, different and if possible, attractive.  It’s a fun little exercise in creative shooting, because it forces you to see things in a new way and to work to find an angle/light/pose that will flatter your subject.

Who doesn’t need a skill like that??  I mean, making things look nice is kind of our job as photographers!

So, kudos to Will for dreaming up this exercise.  Here is my submission – an old tire hanging from the side of a rusty boat in Chicago’s harbor.  From the description alone, I’d bet more people would skip this particular photo.  And while it’s honestly not the nicest image I’ve ever taken, it has enough lines and vivid colors that I’m at least willing to share it with y’all! 😉

Colors and Lines - The Ugly Challenge

Colors and Lines – The Ugly Challenge


3 Responses to “The Ugly Challenge”

  1. perfectlight September 8, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    idea is good and it’s a good exercise but to me rust was never ugly, was always interesting. i know few good people making few bobs of photographing rusty things and rotten wood. even if don’t find anything ugly in your photo, i do like the lines, they divide the composition in a very nice way

  2. beautifulnothingness September 9, 2012 at 1:32 am #

    Great photo! I have always had a hard time shooting subjects like this (ugly), but you have done a wonderful job. It makes me want to attempt the ugly challenge and see what I come up with especially since I am already failing at a 52 week project I started only a week ago lol.


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