Chicago Skyline

16 Oct
Chicago Skyline HDR Pano

Chicago Skyline HDR Pano

A pano is a thing of beauty…at least, it is when you’re photographing beautiful things. =)

From the moment I took this pano series, I was excited…Will from suggested we try breaking onto a rooftop on Navy Pier for a better view of the area.  While we didn’t necessarily have to ninja-skulk around (turns out there was a very public parking garage on the top floor of the building we chose), our exploration efforts were rewarded with great light, a lot of texture i the sky, and a spectacular view of the city skyline.  A++ to Will for his suggestion. 😉

Photo courtesy of Nick Exposed

Photo courtesy of Nick Exposed

And, A+++++ to my climbing skills.  You do what you have to do to get a shot! haha


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