Rocking Faces Off

9 May

…not me…the musicians, of course.

Hearts & Thieves - Seb -

Hearts & Thieves – Seb –

I always wonder how much people enjoy photos of bands they’ve never seen.  I mean, if you’ve never heard their music, it’s virtually impossible to have an emotional attachment to them.
I would assume, if you’re like me, at the very least you probably appreciate the art behind a good image.  I mean, a decent portrait is still a decent portrait…in this case, they just happen to have bright lights and deep shadows.

Hearts & Thieves - Aaron -

Hearts & Thieves – Aaron –


I wonder…if the images were good enough, or the band members were attractive enough, would you check out the music?  Is it a bit like judging a book by its cover?

Hearts & Thieves -

Hearts & Thieves –

I suspect some people would.  I mean…I’m not saying you’d love the band.  But good images are part of what marketing a band is all about, right?  Wear the right thing.  Pose the right way (with at least some of the band facing away from the camera. haha) Say the right thing. Befriend the right people.
Most things in life are who we know, right?

Hearts & Thieves - Sal -

Hearts & Thieves – Sal –

Well…I suggest…if you’re going to give a band a try based on images alone, you start with this one, Hearts and Thieves.  They’re a great original band with a 90’s rock feel.

Hearts & Thieves - Rick -

Hearts & Thieves – Rick –

Connecticut is truly blessed to be the home of some amazing local bands.  Most of them you’ve never heard of, but I truly hope you do someday….hence this post. haha  I’m a huge advocate of creativity in all of its various forms, and encourage you all to show some of your fellow local creatives some love.

For those of you looking for a little info about what goes into good live concert photos, check out this previous blog post.



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