The Natural Metaphor

25 Jun
Our Rain Song

Our Rain Song

This is the springtime of my loving – the second season I am to know
You are the sunlight in my growing – so little warmth I’ve felt before.

I recently read an interesting article about appreciating your life’s journey.  Attaining a goal is great… the accolades, the rewards, the what-have-yous…are all a nice way to recognize your efforts, but ultimately, it’s the experiences that led us to that goal that we remember.  It is the struggles and the obstacles that shape us.  The meaning of life is found on the path, not at the destination.

As I edited and titled…or rather, tried to title this and ultimately asked Sean for help (an homage to Zepplin, for those of you wondering)…this image, I thought about the day that it was captured.

This beautiful pond is 2.2 miles up a mountain trail in Vermont.  The hike is moderately difficult, with enough sweating and straining to make me tired at the end of it.  As if the terrain wasn’t enough of a challenge, we also faced some bad weather…about 0.1 miles from the pond, the sky opened up on us.  It was a strange mixture of rain and hail, and it sent most of my hiking group scrambling for cover.

As we stood there in the rain/hail, I pulled out my camera and tried to make the most of the moment photographically.  There were some great foreground elements, and a beautiful scene before me…but the light was flat, the clouds all boiled into one undefined mass and my lens was covered in magical, un-wipe-off-able water drops. haha  Even as the rain/hail passed, I couldn’t seem to get a good shot.  The compositions seemed off, the light still wasn’t dynamic and my group wanted to finish the last little bit of the hike to the summit…  In short, a lot of struggle for not much payoff.

I packed in my camera and followed the group, trying not to let myself worry too much about the photos I hadn’t taken.  After all, it wasn’t about the images.  It was about spending the day with Sean and my friends, about conquering the trail, getting in shape, enjoying my time in nature and relaxing.

By the time we finished enjoying the view at the top, I felt better.  I had let go the photo-anxiety of a missed shot and let myself live in the moment.

As we made our way back down the mountain, I realized I had dropped my hiking stick (a must with my knees) when I originally stopped at the shore, so I took the short side trail back to the pond to recover it.  As I came around the curve of the trail, I felt it.  That serendipitous moment.  The sky, the light, the reflection on the pool of water in front of the pond…  Everything was perfect.  I knew this photo would be something special.

We struggle, we cope, we mature emotionally, we learn to appreciate the journey… and in that moment… everything comes together for us.  Quite the metaphor for life.

Well done, Mama Nature…well done.

5 Responses to “The Natural Metaphor”

  1. Jewels June 25, 2014 at 3:34 pm #

    So good…

  2. Justin Avery (J.T. Avery Photography) June 26, 2014 at 11:28 am #

    This reminds me of my photography path completely. I have good times and bad times. I remember the days I really want to get some good shots but end up with disappointments where I just don’t feel like picking up the camera anymore. And then when I go out not really expecting much is when I am excited to capture some great things. It’s almost like being on a roller-coaster and I’m still learning that sometimes you just need to enjoy the experience and not let the fact that you didn’t come across anything worth shooting affect that. It is always rewarding to be able to have a nice view in front of you after going through tough obstacles though. Nice shot. 🙂

    • seeingspotsphoto July 2, 2014 at 12:50 pm #

      Right? It’s always such an unknown…how the light will play out, the weather, if something changed at any particular landscape…but that unknown makes it exciting.

      And yes, definitely enjoy the experience! The end product is an accomplishment, but 10 yrs from now when you look at the shot, you’ll be thinking back on the adventure that lead you to that spot at that moment. 🙂

      Also, thanks!!


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