Workin’ For the Weekend

2 Oct
Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls :: CT

Or in this case…working over the weekend.  But then, what entrepreneur and small business owner doesn’t? haha  I read something once that said most business owners aren’t willing to put in 40 hours to build someone else’s dream, but they’ll happily work 80 hrs a week to make their own goals. As the kids say these days, #truth.


At least this weekend will be fun work.  David Pasillas is coming to the east coast, and we’re going to go exploring, camera in hand!  My good friend Melissa sent me a great quote the other day… “Don’t compare yourself to others and get bitter.  Compare yourself to yourself and get better.”  That’s one of my goals for this creative retreat weekend.  I plan to put conscious effort into improving my skillz.  There is always new stuff to learn, knowledge to dust off and hone, and discoveries waiting to be made.


For those of you in New Hampshire (Lake Winnipesaukee / White Mountains area), if you want to meet up to shoot, give me a holler! :-D)

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