Weathered :: CT

15 Dec

…so there I was, precariously perched on the slats of this old, battered pier. There were 2 very nice fishermen fairly close who already offered to escort me out there because they didn’t think it was a particularly safe place to be. (They were climbing all over it, mind you, but I appreciated their chivalrous concern nonetheless.)

Suddenly, I catch what sounded like “Shark!” from fisherman on the sand beach below the pier.

Could that be right? No way, right? This close to shore?

Welp, more shouts echoed the first and the water exploded with fish trying to get the hell out of the water….err…buffet.

Turns out Connecticut waters have some predators. Needless to say, I didn’t linger precariously on the pier that much longer. Lol

Putting in a holiday print order tonight! If you want to buy a photo gift, I need to know asap. 😊
Nerdy info for those of you interested in such things: This shot is a composite- one for the sky, and a long exposure for the water to smooth it out. 

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