Where Do We Go From Here?

3 Jul

2020 has been a wild ride so far. A year of more change than most ever expected to happen at once, but some of it was/is so sorely needed.

On a grand scale, a spotlight has highlighted the cracks in our foundation as a nation, and it’s up to us to address these problems. To become better people and a better country for it. Our healthcare system is struggling. Our economy is struggling. American citizens… your fellow brothers, sisters, wives, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children…are (once again) asking for equality…to be judged on their character, not their skin color, gender identity or sexual orientation.

On the small scale, we’ve had to look at what is important in our own lives. How we spend our time. Our money. Many have said that the lockdown opened their eyes to the importance of family and friends, as the fear of loss loomed over everyone’s heads. Many have recognized the restorative nature of the arts, exercise and time spent outdoors, as people turned to those things for solace over their disrupted lives.

(Personally, as we are encouraged not to travel out of state and be a strain on/danger to other communities, I’ve been spending more time focusing on the little moments, the local wildlife, the flowers in my yard or along the dog walking trail… I’m trying to be more present in the moment and be grateful for the small blessings I still have.  To that end, I was super excited when I started seeing birds at our backyard feeder. The feeder, mind you, was put up so the cat would have something to watch through the window during the day….because I’m a crazy cat-mom, I guess? lol  Hence, the bird photos.)

Anyway…..  Where do we go from here? Problems don’t improve by ignoring them. Addressing them is inevitable, as difficult and overwhelming as it may seem. After all, change is the only constant in life. How you react to it…that’s the part you have power over.

Only time will tell if we make the right decisions as a nation. If our elected leadership works for the people–all of the people–and steers the ship in the right direction. I hope we, as a nation, come out of this challenging time on the right side of history. But that starts with you.

Speak your truth, and more importantly, listen to the truth of others, even if…especially if…you have a hard time understanding their life experiences. A bridge must be built on a solid foundation. And remember, compassion. One of the most beautiful things in our world is the diverse tapestry of humanity. You’ll only enrich your life by embracing it. As heard during a panel on racism hosted by a local university: “We need acceptance, not tolerance.” ❤️


I’ve been pretty terrible about updating this website.  I’ll try to do better. lol  But you can follow me here, on instagram, for slightly more current images.

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