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Schools are cutting funding where they can and often this impacts the arts.  The economy has been tough for a while and many people are living day to day, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other without the luxury of free time.  Hobby’s require energy that most people assume they don’t have.

It’s just art.  How important can it be, right??


For many of us, creativity isn’t a luxury.  It’s a integral part of who we are and stifling can have negative effects on our emotional and mental health.  Maybe it’s an outlet for your stress, maybe it’s a way for you to connect with people, maybe its a source of joy in your life in an otherwise regimented day, but whatever creativity means to you, it’s important.

Not long ago, my friends over at Print Therapy hosted a blog tour and I loved it.  It was, in my opinion, a great way to start a conversation about something. 🙂  So…here we go!

What impact has a creative outlet had on your life?  This is the question that David Pasillas and I put to several creatives in many genres and the resulting essays were interesting.  The impact creativity has had on their life is often profound and in many cases, has shaped their life decisions and what they get out of their relationships with the people around them.

Read the essays (some links, some I’ve hosted and you will find links or contact information for the artist), show them some love, spread the word about this project and most importantly, take a moment to ask yourself the very same question.

What impact does a creative outlet have on your life?  You may think you’re not the creative sort, but I beg to differ.  Maybe your creative outlet is just a little less traditional than the rest of us.  You’re not a painter?  Fine.  But you are a computer gamer who helps moderate and shape an online gaming world.  Is that art?  I think so.  It’s your emotional outlet, your way to put your stamp, your creativity out into the world.

Not a photographer?  Ehhh…I guess that’s ok. 😉  But you spend your free time sewing new and innovative jodhpurs for young equestrians?  Boom.  Creativity.  I expect you’re probably the first one to think lime green leopard print riding pants would be a big hit with little girls at the horse barn.  But dang it…you were right!  Without your vision, the barn would be so…well…boring.

You see what I’m getting at here?  Everyone has something, it may just be a matter of re-evaluating your definition of creativity, and then embracing it. 🙂

Ok!  Now!  On to the links!

Janelle Hardy (teacher of intuitive creativity and art making to feed the soul)

Beth Erkhart at Erkhart’s Emporium (crotchet, amigurumi, etc)

~ Print Therapy (paper company…stationary, wedding invites, save the dates, cards, etc)

~ David Pasillas Photography (photographer, iphone photographer)

~ Seeing Spots Photography (photographer, traveler)

~Aaron Moshier (photographer, humanitarian, military)

~Jeremy Fulton (financial coach, photographer)

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