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Photography. Duh. :

Photography. DUH is a collection of downright useful common sense knowledge presented with an engaging brand of humor that will keep you entertained as well as enlightened. Filled with the type of good solid advice that would have saved me much trouble if only they’d had the decency to write it a few years earlier, Shannon and David lay out all the stuff budding landscape photographers ought to know and probably don’t. Two thumbs up, five stars, +1 and a Like for a thoroughly recommended book.” – Derek Kind


“Shannon and David do a great job of listing all of the ways you can and probably still will fail.  And they do it in an entertaining and comedic way.  You will still make errors, but hopefully far less of them after reading this helpful book.” – Michael Bandy



“I bought your ebook just now. Lovely photos and your comments are humorous. I especially liked the black and white photo of the shack(?), the lighthouse, and the leaf on the rock at the waterfalls. You live in a wonderful place, indeed!” – Marcus

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  1. cptncook July 27, 2015 at 6:14 pm #

    i read your post. it was informative.


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