Tips And Tutorials

One of our goals here at Seeing Spots Photography is to help you see the beauty of the world and elevate your photography.  So…we asked you what you wanted to learn, and you answered!

This is where you’ll find the free tips and tutorials, our gift to you!  All that we ask in return is that you sign-up for our newsletter (we hate spam too, so we won’t share your email address) and that you help spread the word about us. 🙂

So…let’s get started, shall we??  First, sign up for the newsletter.***  Once you confirm your email address, a welcome email will be sent to your inbox.  That welcome will include the URL and password to our FREE TIPS PAGE.  From there, you can download PDF’s to your heart’s content.


*** If you are already a member of our email list, watch for the upcoming newsletter which will contain the password, or email us at and we’ll send it to you!

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