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My Gift To You!

4 Apr
Shamrock Banner

Shamrock Banner

Every now and again, I like to give a little something back to you guys, my online-friends.  Those of you on Facebook who follow my page…well…you already know about my occassional give aways.  The rest of you though…well…what the heck?  You don’t like free stuff???!!??


If you’re on the FB, please stop by my photo page and click the like button.  I promise not to hit you with a million quadrillion bazillion annoying updates.  Just purty pictures, the occasional interesting or inspiring something-or-other and…oh yeah…did I mention free stuff??


One of the things I like to do is put out timeline banners for y’all to use if you so choose.  Maybe you really love seals and sea lions, but…hey…you weren’t with me on this last trip I made to California.  That means you couldn’t take a photo of the awesomeness that was baby sea lions.  But maybe…just maybe…I took a photo or two with you in mind.  And maaayyybbbee I’ll be posting it on my page in the next few days for anyone (you, sea lion enthusiast extraordinaire) to use as their banner. Only way to know for sure is to follow my FB page, right?


Do it. 🙂

Two Questions

7 Oct

1) Do you Facebook?

2) Do you like free stuff?  (Like, legit free…not like…here’s the flu, hope you enjoy.)

If you answered yes to both, I highly recommend you hop on over to the Seeing Spots FB page for some gifties.  I started putting together free Timeline Banners as a way to show my appreciation for all of your continued support.

Mt. Washington Banner

Mt. Washington Banner

You guys are amazing, you help keep me motivated to work harder, be better at what I do and are a solid reminder of why I love photography so dang much!