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The Colossus :: England

6 Feb
The Colossus :: England

The Colossus :: England


For those of you who ever spent time on Craigslist laughing at the frequently ridiculous posts, this blog is for you. 😉

One of the alternate titles for this shot is: “Mist Connections”

Your soft shadow drew me in. Your rough,  indomitable exterior held my attention, for what felt like years, as I carefully soaked up every detail of you with my eyes. You coyly tried to hide behind a thin veil of fog, as if you knew what I did…that this was love at first sight. But not a simple, effortless love. No. This was going to be heated, passionate, make you scream “I fucking love you!” kind of love.

Suddenly, the light hit you, like a sign from the heavens, in the most beautiful way, and I had to capture this moment. It was the only way I’d have you forever. Soon, I’d have to leave for the next location, where I would inevitably fall in love all over again, with someone (thing/subject) else I couldn’t have.

But we will always have this moment. And it will be perfect.


Okay, but in all seriousness, this is Corfe Castle in Southern England and it’s part of their National Trust system.  It’s a lovely spot, which I did thoroughly enjoy visiting.  Probably a little too much, since we got wrapped up in shooting here and were late for our ticket time at Stonehenge (and had to beg to be let in. haha You can’t take a photographer anywhere….)

Worth it though!



Remember Remember the 5th of November…

5 Nov

In May I co-hosted a quotography challenge, and just happened to get a quote from the famous poem about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot.  Today seems like a great day to re-share the image. =)

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Thanks to the movie V for Vendetta, many people associate the Gunpowder Plot with govermental oppression, though in reality the issue had more depth, also touching on religious persecution and an era of civil unrest.  (Read a bit more about that here, and how I honored them with this image.) In America, in particular, people are charged about tomorrow…election day…and interpretations of the meaning of the quote are flying around the Interwebs fast and furious. haha

No mater how you choose to take the quote, one thing can not be denied…Guy Fawkes and his crew believed in action for change.  If you live in the US, do him a favor tomorrow?  Go out and take meaningful action…VOTE! 🙂