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Shake, Shake, Shake…

29 Apr

Vintage is in.  That means polaroids are groovy again. Can ya dig?

Polaroid of a Polaroid?

Polaroid of a Polaroid?

I bought this guy cheap simply because I enjoy photographing old cameras.  There is a strange, yet satisfying irony in it.  I also determined that the best way to edit this image would be to crank the vintage knob to 100 for two reasons.  The first obvious…I wanted to mimic the Polaroid prints it would have produced.  But also, as I mentioned in a previous (incredibly awesome, well-thought-out, inspiring, almost as good as a cold beer) post, vintage feels have been made popular by apps like Instagram and who am I to disagree with the laws of supply and demand. It’s what people want, therefore, it’s what people will get!

Also, for those of you in the know, yes I was referencing one of my favorite songs – Shake, Shake, Shake – off of one of my favorite band’s newest album. And for those of you who aren’t in the know…check them out! http://www.bronzeradioreturn.com/