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Lens Flare

14 Oct


Sun flare - Cape Cod

Sun flare – Cape Cod

Generally speaking, today’s DSLR lenses are a bundle of glass and mechanisms whose purpose is to direct and control the light hitting a camera sensor.  Occasionally, some non-image-forming light sneaks through – little rouges that create artifacts, ghosts, veils and generally reduce the overall contrast of a portion of the image.  It’s a bit more complicated that that…and involves more diagrams…but for our purposes, lens flare = little rebellious light-ninjas.

These light ninjas are more inclined to come out and play in very bright light sources, such as while shooting into the sun.

Lens flare can be controlled a bit both through careful equipment choices and light source/composition awareness.  For the former, a lens hood goes a long way to help reduce the incidences of indirect light creating artifact (and to protect your lens, I’ve found out the hard way!).  Furthermore, reducing lens components creates fewer incidences of flare, because there is less opportunity for the light to go astray.  If you’re concerned about artifact, try using fewer filters, or be certain to use filters that include an anti-reflective coating.

Another technique to help reduce flare involves working smarter, not harder. 🙂  Having a little awareness of both where your light source is located and what elements within the frame can interrupt the light’s path from source to lens may save you a lot of post-production grief later.  For example, if you can position the sun at the edge of a building, tree, telephone pole (hey, it’s your artistic decision….), etc you can reduce the intensity and amount of artifacts within the final image.  Shifting composition so that the angle of the light source changes can also change how lens flare impacts your photo.  A slight shift may change the position of the flare…turning around completely so the sun is at your back will almost 100% reduce the incidences of flare. 😉

In the past, light-ninjas were to be avoided at all costs.  Times and trends change, though, and over-exposed images with lens flare is now a popular stylistic choice.  Just like anything else, knowing the how’s and why’s of flare makes it just one more tool in your artistic arsenal.  So do me a favor?  If you’ve never tried working with lens flare, give it a try…go make some photo-art!


28 Sep
Gray's Beach - Infinity

Gray’s Beach – Infinity

Perspective is the idea of creating an illusion of 3 dimensionality on a 2 dimensional plane.  This is largely the work of our brain, which has learned over time to interpret the visual clues within a scene to determine the depth of a
scene and placement of objects within a scene.

Converging parallel lines to a vanishing point are just one of the many ways our brain says “distance”.  This boardwalk on Gray’s Beach in Cape Cod is a great example.  Some of the other signs our brain interprets is horizon line placement, relational size, light and shadow placement, contrast and color of subjects, to name a few.  Understanding how the brain works and how perspective is created within a 2D scene will help you create thoughtful, well-planned images.  And the more we know, the better we become! =)

Share the Road

20 Sep

That past weekend, I took a “girl’s trip” to Cape Cod to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  We had a great time eating too much food, hiking through sand dunes (to burn off the calories), and watching some pretty spectacular sunsets.  It was a very relaxing way to spend a weekend.

While we were girl-y chatting, my travel habits (addiction?) came up in conversation.  Friend One was telling Friend Two that I’ve been all over, which of course made me reflect on the year.  That, in turn, made me feel extremely grateful for the memories I’ve made.

This year I’ve been to Maine for a girl’s weekend, New Orleans (and cruised out into the Caribbean Ocean), explored Watkins Glen in NY state, Niagara Falls and Toronto in Canada, hopped through NYC and Boston a few times, did a day trip to the north shore in Massachusetts, a day trip to Block Island, driven down to southern Pennsylvania, Chicago and most recently, Cape Cod.  Phew!  And it’s only September!

Talk about a blessed life. =)  Believe me when I tell you, I live on a very strict budget but when something is important enough to you, you will make it happen.  And to me, traveling…seeing the world, meeting new people and making new memories is so very important.  I’m so very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and the decisions I have made that have allowed me to do the things I love. We only get one shot at life and I’m trying to make the most of it!

Live Life, Love Life.

Share the Road - #Travelgram

Share the Road – #Travelgram


In Honor Of…

19 Sep

Talk Like a Pirate Day…today calls for a seascape!  This is a picture from the past weekend in Cape Cod.

Wood End Lighthouse - Cape Cod

Wood End Lighthouse – Cape Cod

Let me tell you a few things I learned while hiking to this lighthouse…a hike that involved a mile and a half walk over a breakwater across a bay and deep sand dunes.

First, I realized what a gigantic difference there is between high and low tides.  By the time low tide rolled around, someone’s moored kayak was literally hanging vertically down the side of the breakwater.

Second, those breakwaters are a rat and spider haven!!  And to be perfectly honest, the rats we saw had no swimmies or life jackets on.  Apparently, Cape Cod is home to the Michael Phelps’ of the rat world.

Third, flip-flops are not ideal hiking footwear.

And finally…it occurred to me that if a seagull lives in the bay…perhaps they should be called Bay-gulls? (Yes, I really did make that joke.  My friends obviously loved it. haha)