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Days Gone By

25 Aug
Days Gone By :: CT

Days Gone By :: CT

If you follow my IG account, you saw last Friday’s epic rainbow situation.  The sky just blew up, like, Whoa.

After the colors died down a bit, I began my walk to the park entrance, and came across this composition.  It’s just so *New England*.  It is also a perfect example of how beauty really is hiding around every corner here in Connecticut. 🙂

Light The Sky

3 Mar
Light The Sky :: Maine

Light The Sky :: Maine

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

“You owe me.”

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.”


(Working title: “JJ Acadia”, for those JJ Abrams fans out there! Or Acadia fans, as the case may be.  Both = a double win! lol)

It’s been a busy few weeks…as I mentioned last week, we are working on a book (which will be awesome.  Sign up for the newsletter for updates, discounts, etc when the time comes!), I’ve got a few personal projects going on and I’ve spent the last few weeks working with Edith Levy on an mutual interview project (because her travel images rock and I think you’ll love them.  Her interview will be released next week…stay tuned for that!).

As of yesterday, she was kind enough to put together a little behind the scenes interview about my photography work.  Please, go check it out and show her page some love. 🙂

This image will be part of the upcoming ebook that David and I are working on…it is a shot I took in Acadia last fall as an example of sun flare.  The final is actually a blend of three exposures, using luminosity masks and manual tweaking.  When we got to the beach a little before sunrise, I wasn’t sure if we were going to get much color.  It’s always a fine line between heavy clouds adding texture to a sky, and heavy clouds blotting out the sun.  Thankfully we got just enough breaks for the light to pour through and give us a show.

That trip was still one of my top photo trips.  I was there with such good company and the weather was just perfect for dramatic shots…what more can a landscaper ask for? ❤

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Wild Skies

26 Jun
Wild Skies

Wild Skies

To the left, the storm.  To the right, the clearing skies.

Yesterday I woke up to an intense lightning storm and the prediction of rain all day.  For most people that is greeted with grumbling and the occasional 4 letter word.  To me though, it’s an opportunity.  As I was driving to the day job, listening to the crash of thunder all around me, I started planning.

Connecticut isn’t a “flat” state.  I mean, don’t get me wrong…our mountains aren’t much more than foothills when compared to the west coast chain, but between them and our abundance of trees, they are enough to block a line of site.  If I was lucky, the storm would pass by 5pm and there would be some incredible colors and clouds.  I needed an open space to fully appreciate (and photograph) the show.

Off the top of my head, I could think of a few open farms towards the top of the state, but it is still a little early for most crops….and we all know how important a foreground is, right?  That left the bottom of the state…the coast line.

In Guildford, CT there is a little area called Grass Island that appears to be used, primarily, for boating, fishing, shelling and as a large bird nesting area.  As the name implies, it mostly covered in grass, though it does have one small building that has stood the test of time and weather. It also, I found out, has lots of biting insects. And not much cover from the intermittent lightning flashes. (Don’t try this at home, folks! Haha)

I spent a few hours exploring Grass Island, catching a wide variety of cloud shapes and colors on film.  Errrr…ummm…on sensor.  Sitting under the ever-changing sky was inspiring.  It was a beautiful, powerful (and buggy show)!