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Otis the Wonderfloof

19 Dec

A month or so ago, my friend squuueeed with excitement when she saw the colored powder pet portraits by photographer Jessica Bell. Her doggo, Otis, has been in training for a while now with the goal of becoming The World’s Goodest Boy. Which is to say, he knows commands like “stay”, “forward”, and can jump with a fair amount of athleticism.

All that was missing was the powder, right???

This weekend, we carved out some time to play. There was, I admit, a steep learning curve. Figuring out the lighting, the time values on my camera, and the timing in general was an exercise in patience. There are definitely things I would do differently / better the next time I try it. But damn was it a lot of fun. And the most important lesson I learned yesterday?

Otis the Wonderfloof was, most definitely, The Goodest Boy. ❤