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Workin’ For the Weekend

2 Oct
Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls :: CT

Or in this case…working over the weekend.  But then, what entrepreneur and small business owner doesn’t? haha  I read something once that said most business owners aren’t willing to put in 40 hours to build someone else’s dream, but they’ll happily work 80 hrs a week to make their own goals. As the kids say these days, #truth.


At least this weekend will be fun work.  David Pasillas is coming to the east coast, and we’re going to go exploring, camera in hand!  My good friend Melissa sent me a great quote the other day… “Don’t compare yourself to others and get bitter.  Compare yourself to yourself and get better.”  That’s one of my goals for this creative retreat weekend.  I plan to put conscious effort into improving my skillz.  There is always new stuff to learn, knowledge to dust off and hone, and discoveries waiting to be made.


For those of you in New Hampshire (Lake Winnipesaukee / White Mountains area), if you want to meet up to shoot, give me a holler! :-D)

Attention to Detail

8 Nov
Connecticut Colors

Connecticut Colors

Although I tend to love big sweeping landscapes, often, its the little details that make those scenes work.  Patterns, textures, colors, catching something at just the right moment…  They are just as important as a good sunset or a nice foreground.  Macros and details are an art form and skill set in their own right.

Peruvian Salt Harvest

Peruvian Salt Harvest

A while back, I began putting together my “Free Banner Thank You’s”…just a little way to say I appreciate you guys.  My gift to you?  A spruced up FB page.  Now, when I go out on photo excursions, I try to keep a full eye our for nice landscape compositions, and half an eye out for “detail” shots.

Factory Folige Facebook Banner

Factory Folige Facebook Banner

I happened to be going through my “to-be-edited-still” photo folders, and it occurred to me that often, those very same “details taken with a purpose” shots are some of my favorite.  They’re not a big moody landscape or an emotional portrait…but they’re cozy, they’re interesting and they have a quiet confidence to them that I like.

West Coast Shamrock

West Coast Shamrock

For those of you who haven’t done so, check out my FB Page, like it, and then enjoy the banners folder.  For those of you who already have liked my page, you have my gratitude.  Word of mouth is my only form of marketing.  Your support is my inspiration…it helps me make time for just one more edit when I’m tired, and just one more photo-trip when I’m poor, and just one more sunrise when the warm bed is calling.  Your support helps me book weddings, and music promo gigs, and keep food on my table.  I couldn’t do this without you guys.  I’m so glad we’re taking this photo journey together. ❤

Sending gratitude your way.



The Ugly Challenge

8 Sep

My good friend Will at WhereToWillie came up with his fun little challenge – our task was to find something that would generally be considered “ugly” and photograph in a way that makes it seem…well…interesting, different and if possible, attractive.  It’s a fun little exercise in creative shooting, because it forces you to see things in a new way and to work to find an angle/light/pose that will flatter your subject.

Who doesn’t need a skill like that??  I mean, making things look nice is kind of our job as photographers!

So, kudos to Will for dreaming up this exercise.  Here is my submission – an old tire hanging from the side of a rusty boat in Chicago’s harbor.  From the description alone, I’d bet more people would skip this particular photo.  And while it’s honestly not the nicest image I’ve ever taken, it has enough lines and vivid colors that I’m at least willing to share it with y’all! 😉

Colors and Lines - The Ugly Challenge

Colors and Lines – The Ugly Challenge