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Maternity and Family Photos

22 Jun

Now that the world has opened up a bit after 15 months of covid-lockdown, I’ve been blessed to photograph several families. Its been so much fun to run around with kids and shoot people loving each other in gorgeous light.

I love what I do. And dang it, I just adore this couple and their maternity shoot. Big congrats to them now that their baby boy has arrived!

Thinking you need photos done of your family, newborn, etc? Shoot me a message, I’d be happy to talk!

A Lovely Surprise

14 Nov

Melissa & Nick Got Engaged!

Melissa & Nick Got Engaged!

Let me tell you a little story about love…and surprises… hence the title of the post.

My friend Melissa, who I have known forever who is like family to me, who is also my second shooters for wedding, engagement and most portrait shoots asked me to take a few photos of her and her long-term boyfriend Nick.  They didn’t have any recent photos and as I’m sure you would all concur, photos of your loved ones are a precious thing that you can never have enough of. (If you’re interested in learning more about our portrait shoots, email us at seespotsphoto@yahoo.com.)

We set a date, which happened to be only a few days after I had knee surgery.  My guy, Sean, graciously agreed to help carry light stands and camera bags and such.  Melissa pulled double duty by being both subject and assistant, setting everything up at each location since I was on crutches.

M & N

M & N

The theme for the shoot was rustic/outdoors-y, which as strong hikers, bikers and dog walkers, was a true reflection of their personalities.  So, we found some colorful leaves and an old barn, and went to it.

Now, as I mentioned, I was on crutches, only a few days post-op and I only had so much strength that day.  I did as many series as I could before I started to feel tired.  During the last pose (in which their dog Hope wrapped them up in a leash), Nick surprised us all by pulling a ring out of his pocket and asking her to marry him!

All Wrapped Up

All Wrapped Up

Nick got an A+ for picking the right time to ask.  She was doing something she loved (photos) with people she loved and now has pictures so she will never forget it.  I’d say it was a successful shoot, wouldn’t you? 😉