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The Art of Less

28 Mar

Have you ever Googled (or Yahoo!ed…or Goodsearched, for those of us that like collecting good karma points) the term “minimalism photography”…the results are striking.  That isn’t commentary on the quality of the images that turn up, although many of them were very good.  What I found more notable was the variety of images that turned up, all under the umbrella of “less”.

By searching for “less”, I found pride in my fellow photographers for sharing their vision of the world, conveying so much with so little.

Minimalism also reminded me why I love art.  It is a mechanism of expression and creativity.  It is both the way we view the world, and the way we wish the world could be.  It’s interesting and thought provoking without saying a word, and it makes my world a better place.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took a recent trip down to the beach and enjoyed a pretty phenomenal sunset.  There were plenty of “foreground props” to choose from…guard chairs, boardwalk, a jetty…but none of them seemed to compliment the scene.  It was such a quiet, but mighty sunset and I knew that in order to do the colors justice, I needed a subtle focus point for the image.  In this case, less was more. =)

Minimalism at Sunset

Minimalism at Sunset

What are your thoughts on minimalism, particularly in the world of photography?

Minimalism product of the week: http://www.zazzle.com/love_mug-168258405940665492