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Community Collaborative Project :: August

17 Aug

Once upon a time, in a far away land (called the Interwebs), there was a magical camera.  For years, this magical camera brought joy to millions by capturing moments and memories.  The camera thrived, it’s days full of smiles and cheese…or at least, people talking about cheese which subsequently…mysteriously…made them smile!  It was a happy time in the Interwebs…until a shadow fell over the land.

Slowly but surely, the camera began having difficulties.  Basic compositions were hard to think through.  ISO’s and Time values became mind-boggling concepts.  The camera was in a fog.  Everything he tried felt flat and colorless…and the camera checked…he wasn’t set for monochromes!  What the magical picture-maker needed was some inspiration…  a “Creative Challenge”, so to speak.

Just as the camera came to that realization, a knight in shining armor raced up.  “Camera!  Thou art in a creative rut!  But fear not, a solution hath arrived.”  The knight proceeded to tell the camera (and, due to his lack of volume control, most of the Interwebs) about this month’s Collaborative Creative Challenge hosted by Sir Nick Exposed and the fair maiden Seeing Spots Photography.  Talk about impeccable timing!

The camera learned that this month’s challenge was to create a childhood tale pictoral.  The idea was to bring to life an image that represents both details from your favorite childhood tale AND your feeling about that part of the tale.  Participants are encouraged to think about the potential editing styles BEFORE shooting.

For example, if you’re choosing a sad Grimm’s tale, would you choose to underexpose the image when you shoot it?  Or change to a cooler color balance?

Is it a happy moment within the story?  Would you choose to shoot a bright scene with vibrant colors?

The challenge isn’t just to create a storyboard, it is to create an image with emotional impact.  We want more than just Goldilocks’ adventures…we want to know what Goldilocks meant to you!  This is your chance to break out some dusty books, to reminisce, to tell your children why we don’t wear red hoods in the forest and most importantly, to lose yourself in a creative project!

This project will run from tomorrow August 18th to Sunday, September 2nd at midnight.  All submissions should be sent to submit@nickexposed.com before midnight on the 2nd.  We are hoping for one exceptional photo from each of you, though we will happily take more than one if you’re the over-achieving sort.  We also want you to spread the word.  If you are getting something out of these challenges, it makes sense that your other photo friends would also get something out of it too, right?  So reblog, Facebook it, tweet away, phone a friend…or…in the spirit of a fairy tale, try a magical “share the awesomeness” spell.  It’s like…a fairy TELL. 😉