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The Space Between

11 Nov
The Space Between :: Ricketts Glen, PA

The Space Between :: Ricketts Glen, PA

The space between your heart and mine is the space we’ll fill with time. – DMB

I’m starting to think I have a love affair with waterfalls.  Each one is so different, has it’s own character, light, mood and challenges.  (And as you have probably come to realize by now, I do love me some challenges. haha)

This particular beauty is called Oneida Falls, one of three or four falls we stopped at that day.  For me, it was one of those moments where I instantly knew what I wanted my frame to be, and immediately loved the shot once I took it.  That doesn’t happen all of the time.  So often finding the shot is work…you try a composition, adjust, adjust again…  But those moments when my inner artist screams, “Yes!  Here!” I’m learning to listen.  Call it intuition, or more likely, the culmination of years of experience, but I firmly believe that if something catches your eye and tugs at your photo-curiosity, you should explore it.  (I mean, nothing illegal…but you know…other than that?  Thumbs up!)

This particular set of falls was a double win for us…first, we took a few moments to photograph the actual falls.  Then we worked on a surreal portrait series which involved me wading into the water up to my waist and ruining a dress.  Did I mention it was late October??  Brrrrr!  But hey, anything for the shot. lol

That surreal portrait series is currently in the lab over at David Pasillas Photography, getting fairy dust sprinkled on it.  When it’s ready, I’m sure you’ll hear more about it. 🙂  One of several top secret projects that we have in the works at the moment! (Life is so good!)
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Hint of Red (October)

16 Oct
Hint of Red (October)

Hint of Red (October)


heh heh… See what I did there? 😉


This is another image taken in the White Mountains in New Hampshire a few weeks back.  As far as photos go, this is a pretty standard waterfall image, but I did spend a little time in the editing process trying to mold the light….a lesson I learned from David Pasillas.  This image, along with several upcoming shots that you’ll see (once we edit them haha) will be part of our super secret project that hasn’t been announced yet.  But it will be.  (And we really hope you love it!)


In the meantime, thanks for your continued support.  If you like the shot, share it.




Over The Rainbow

9 Oct
Over The Rainbow :: New Hampshire

Over The Rainbow :: New Hampshire

In May, I put together a post about the art of blur. I firmly believe that photography, just like any other artistic medium, is an outlet for our creativity and expression.  To that end, today, I give you Artsy Nature.  Or Fine Art Birches.  Or, Dang Get That Girl A Tripod Trees. 🙂

David Pasillas and I spent the weekend in NH working on a super secret project, practicing our photo skills, scouting the region for beautiful picture worthy stuff, and generally getting our creative on.  Because creativity is important to our lives, right?  There will be many more photos coming in the next few weeks of the foliage, the views, and eventually a big reveal on our super secret project!  (Intrigued?  You should be.)

In the meantime, enjoy the birches.  Thanks so much for checking out my site, if you enjoy the art, please share it! 🙂




It’s Who You Know

12 Dec
She’s So Shy, Hiding Behind All Those Branches

She’s So Shy, Hiding Behind All Those Branches

The other day, my good friend David, with whom the above photo was shot, put up an interesting post.  In essence, he talked about intimidation being a barrier to success that many photogs and photo enthusiasts face.

Honestly, as a photographer and small business owner, I can not stress enough the importance of having confidence in your product.  Obviously there is a difference between self-promotion and over-bearing ego, but if you’re not willing to tell the world about your genius, who will?  That’s a bit of a general statement, and there are a lot of parts of photography where it is applicable, but for now, let’s narrow it down to who you know.

Specifically, in his post, David mentioned that I was confident enough to reach out to him on a professional level and from that one email has blossomed a great friendship, one that I am truly grateful for both on a photographic and a personal level.

David Pasillas, Cali photog capturing New England

David Pasillas, Cali photog capturing New England

Beyond being a friend, David has been a great resource for me when I have technical questions, and we have helped each other build our brands by cross marketing.  In today’s saturated photography fields, having someone to help spread the word and to vouch for your work goes a long way.  It’s not the only item in a long list of small-business-to-do’s…but it’s important and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

I have been very fortunate to meet some incredible photographers via my own work on the web and in my community.  It is a competitive market, but building contacts and having a referral network can benefit you as much as it benefits the rest of the crowd.

For the coming year, I hope all of you feel brave enough to reach out to at least one or two photographers whose work you admire/respect.  You may get nothing more than a polite reply.  Or, you may spur a lasting friendship and help get your name out to another market in the process.

You can’t win if you don’t play, right? 😉

That being said, I wanted to just give you all a quick thank you for your interactions with me.  I enjoy chatting with you guys, reading your comments, meeting and working with some of you.  So far, this blog has been a great experience and that is 100% due to your support.  For those of you who already email me, I love hearing for you.  For those of you who don’t, but want to reach out, do it!

A Few Reminders…

~ I’m hosting a winter photo challenge for those of you interested.  I know the above photo is Fall…but sadly, the snow finally arrived here so the time is right for winter shots. haha

~ December 15 is THE LAST DAY to have your purchase through my online store benefit the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  It’s easy to forget about the great need there when it’s not part of our everyday world…but Filipinos will be rebuilding for a very long time.  There is strength in numbers, and together, we can make a difference! www.zazzle.com/skalahan

An Attitude of Gratitude

27 Nov


Having a positive outlook on life can be hard, but intensely rewarding.  It’s easy to say a glass is half empty.  It’s much harder to say, “Thank goodness I still have half a glass to drink.  I’m thirsty, and that will help.”  Like anything else in life, seeing the silver linings in life is a skill, and when done faithfully, can become a habit.

Imagine a life where you exchange your expectations for gratitude.  The disappointments in life become much more manageable.  And there are fewer of them.  It’s easier to feel like you have enough, to appreciate the gifts you’re given and to see the blessings in life.

That is what I love most about tomorrow, Thanksgiving.  It’s yearly encouragement to be thankful for the things we have already accomplished, to see how far we have come, to appreciate our families and friends, and to see that often, we are lucky to have so much in our lives.  Most of us have a roof, even if we don’t own it.  Most of us have food, warmth and a computer with which to read this awesome blog…  We have life.  Even when it’s hard, it’s precious.

Tomorrow is a day to appreciate the positives.  Spend a few moments between tofurkey and pie reflecting on the good things in your life.  In the end, we can’t keep the gifts, the wealth, the stuff we surround ourselves with…but we can remember the path we took in life, the moments of joy and accomplishment, and be proud of how our experiences shaped us, and the choices we made because of them.  We can practice an attitude of gratitude.

The photo above was taken on a hike with my friend David (an awesome photog from Cali, check out his work!) while he was visiting in CT.  The leave whirlpool reminds me a little of the way water drains from a tub.  Felt appropriate as we make our transition from beautiful, beautiful Autumn….to very cold Winter. haha


❤ < 3 ❤

For those of you interested in helping me raise funds for the victims of Typoon Haiyan in the Philippines, when the time comes for holiday shopping, go here.  50% of profits through December 15 go to Care.org and the Filipinos in need.

For those of you interested in winning a holiday gift, go here, “like” the page and leave a comment on the contest poster letting me know which image you want.  Winner announced on Friday, so you only have a few days.

A Lovely Surprise

14 Nov
Melissa & Nick Got Engaged!

Melissa & Nick Got Engaged!

Let me tell you a little story about love…and surprises… hence the title of the post.

My friend Melissa, who I have known forever who is like family to me, who is also my second shooters for wedding, engagement and most portrait shoots asked me to take a few photos of her and her long-term boyfriend Nick.  They didn’t have any recent photos and as I’m sure you would all concur, photos of your loved ones are a precious thing that you can never have enough of. (If you’re interested in learning more about our portrait shoots, email us at seespotsphoto@yahoo.com.)

We set a date, which happened to be only a few days after I had knee surgery.  My guy, Sean, graciously agreed to help carry light stands and camera bags and such.  Melissa pulled double duty by being both subject and assistant, setting everything up at each location since I was on crutches.

M & N

M & N

The theme for the shoot was rustic/outdoors-y, which as strong hikers, bikers and dog walkers, was a true reflection of their personalities.  So, we found some colorful leaves and an old barn, and went to it.

Now, as I mentioned, I was on crutches, only a few days post-op and I only had so much strength that day.  I did as many series as I could before I started to feel tired.  During the last pose (in which their dog Hope wrapped them up in a leash), Nick surprised us all by pulling a ring out of his pocket and asking her to marry him!

All Wrapped Up

All Wrapped Up

Nick got an A+ for picking the right time to ask.  She was doing something she loved (photos) with people she loved and now has pictures so she will never forget it.  I’d say it was a successful shoot, wouldn’t you? 😉

Catching Up

21 Oct

So…in the month of October I have:

A) Gotten food poisoning and landed in the emergency clinic in another country. Still trying to recover from that.

B) Hosted my good friend David Pasillas, a west coast photog, and found ourselves on a three day New England leaf-peeping adventure.  I still have to download those shots. haha

C) Worked hard to finish 3 photo projects, one of which will be a collaborative series of blogs with the aforementioned David, my friend Will and his better half Britta (sorry Will. ;-D)  I’m pretty pumped about!  (So..uh…stay tuned)  One of the other projects is a magazine submission which is making me hold off a bit on posting all of my Peru photos just yet.  But trust me, they’re awesome and when the time comes, you’ll love them.

D) Had knee surgery, and am currently on crutches.  I’ll be headed to my post-op appointment in about an hour, as a matter of fact.  You know what is difficult to do on crutches?  Everything. haha

E) Shot a couples session for one of my best friends (on crutches!) and was overwhelmingly happy when the guy surprised us all by turning it into an engagement shoot!

And the month isn’t done yet!

For today, I figured I’d share an oldie-but-goodie fall foliage photo.  Tis the season, afterall. 🙂

Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England

New photos coming shortly, I promise!