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Newest Article is Published

28 Jul



If you’re an iPhone or iPad user and you don’t have the Light & Landscape App….you’re missing out! ¬†Check out my latest article about the power of thoughtful feedback FOR FREE in the most recent issue. ūüôā


13 Jul



I’m giving away an 11×16 version of this Nubble Light sunrise. To qualify, you need to go do something nice for your fellow humans and send me a picture. Free hugs, bring some donuts to your local police department, compliment a stranger, defend someone who needs you to stand up for them….help and love, those are the objectives. Send your story and photo to me at seespotsphoto@yahoo.com

With all of the terrible, divisive things going on in our country, I keep asking myself, “What can I do to help? To foster love and respect between people? To help heal? WHAT CAN I DO?” (It’s an important question, one that I hope we all can ask ourselves.)

Last week, my friend Mike¬†(http://www.mikemezphotography.com/) put this idea together, and I loved it. Please, help spread the love by telling friends and sharing this post. Lets make this world a better place together. If you’re a local photographer or business, I encourage you to do something within your means to also foster love with whatever tools you have at your disposal too. ūüôā


Flow: The Art of Waterscapes

25 Nov


It’s here! ¬†Want to get your hands on a FREE e-lookbook (loaded with purty photos and tips to help you get started on your own waterscapes)?

The best part?? ¬†Everyone who downloads their PDF copy of Flow: The Art of Waterscapes is automatically entered into a drawing for a FREE PRINT! ¬†The drawing will happen on December 4 (next week) so don’t wait!

Want an extra chance to win? ¬†Reblog this post and I’ll put your name in the drawing a second time. ¬†I mean think about it… ¬†I give you a free gift, you spend a second to share this awesome offer with your friends and followers, and I potentially give you another gift that you can possibly (probably?) re-gift to your Mom! ¬†Do deals get any sweeter than this?? ¬†It’s like Black Friday x 1000. ¬†Minus the crowds and fist fights over a TV and set of fuzzy pajamas with feets.

The holidays came early, folks! ¬†By, like, a day. haha ¬†But still. ¬†This is my way of giving thanks to all of you for being so dang supportive of David and I this year, with the release of our first full length (hilarious) educational photo book, “Photography. DUH.”.
Because really, you guys rock. ¬†For serious. ‚̧

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! ūüôā

Your Chance at a Free Print

24 Nov
The Rush :: PA

The Rush :: PA

It’s officially the week of Thanks! ¬†To celebrate, we will be giving away a free print (and more!) to one lucky winner!

How do you enter? ¬†Details in the newest newsletter, slated to go this week! ¬†It’s not too late! Sign up today!


Tips to Improve Your Sunrise & Sunset Photos!

8 Jun


We asked what you wanted to learn, and iso100vignette answered!

We all struggle with new photography techniques and concepts – it’s part of what makes our art fun, and occasionally frustrating! ¬†To help you out, we have begun putting together some PDF guides to help you elevate your images.

All that we ask in return is that you sign-up for our newsletter (we hate spam too, so we won’t share your email address) and that you help spread the word about us.

Sign up for your newsletter here, and after you confirm your email address, a welcome note will appear in your inbox with the password to our¬†FREE TIPS PAGE. ¬†Once you make your way there, you will find our free PDF sunset tips¬†that will make your sunset photos shine! ¬†(See what I did there? ¬†Shine…sunlight…ha!)


 Also, as a reminder, our painting with light challenge ends this week. If you want to be part of the final gallery, email David your submission by June 10!

Free Photo Giveaway!

1 Jun
Currents :: Vermont

Currents :: Vermont


Who likes free stuff???!!

Obviously, you do.  And boy, oh boy, did you come to the right place!

For this week only I will be holding a free 8×10 giveaway contest. ¬†The winner will be drawn on Friday June 5, 2015 and can choose one image from my gallery¬†to decorate their walls.

To qualify, you need to do at least 2 of these things:

– sign up for my newsletter (if you haven’t already)


– like me on one or more social media pages, if you haven’t already (twitter, facebook, instagram, G+, etc)
– share this post
– follow my blog¬†(if you haven’t already)

Yes, we will be checking. ūüôā

Also, for those of you wondering, the above photo was taken in the Green Mountains of Vermont. ¬†This particular peak is Camel’s Hump, the third highest in the state.

Educational Photo Freebies!

28 May


I’ve got a few free educational PDF’s in the works. I’d love a little feedback from you though!¬†What do you want to know more about?¬†


You can leave a comment below, or email me at seespotsphoto@yahoo.com


I can’t wait to hear from you! ūüôā

Free Gift Giveaway!

23 Mar


A few months ago, I released a photo guide to Connecticut and got a great response (THANK YOU!). Now, if you follow my Instagram, you saw that my buddy David Pasillas Photography is doing the same! If you have ever been interested in checking out California, you NEED this e-book.


David has spent a lot of time in one of the most beautiful sections of coastline that Cali has to offer -Big Sur – and put together a great guide for those of you looking to take some¬†photos there. Maps, lesser known beaches and trails…all in all, a nifty must-read and for a limited time, its FREE! Check out his post about it here. ūüôā

Free Gift! Limited Time Offer!

29 Jan


I am so excited to finally announce the release of my first e-book!  Surprise!

This year has been a busy one so far, with so many exciting changes and plans in the works. ¬†The time is not yet right to announce all of them…and believe me, David and I have some really awesome¬†things coming up for 2015…but it is the right time to talk about my newest venture! ¬†An e-book mini guide to some of the hot spots for landscape and nature photography in Connecticut!

I know, I know…Connecticut??!!?? ¬†Yes! ¬†Connecticut. ¬†It may be a small state, but it has so much to offer photographers, and it (unfortunately) often gets overlooked in favor of other New England heavy hitters like Acadia or Boston. ¬†Now, don’t get me wrong…those places are great! ¬†But Connecticut? ¬†If you’re looking for variety, charm and history then CT is the cat’s pajamas.

“Photography + Connecticut; The Nature and Landscape Mini Guide” is a casual, conversational e-book indexing some of my favorite places to shoot in the state. ¬†It’s meant to highlight the reasons that YOU…yes, YOU…should come visit…with a camera in hand.

So, how do you get your hands on a copy??

Simple! ¬†For a limited time only, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter here….you’ll get a confirmation email and once you’re signed up….boom! ¬†Magic! ¬†The link to the PDF will appear in your inbox as part of our welcome email, ready to be…er…read. ūüôā

This offer expires March 1. After that, the guide will be for sale here.

I hope you enjoy the pretty pictures, I hope you come visit….and while you’re here, I hope you look me up! ¬†Bring cookies. ¬†I like cookies.


This book offer is only for a limited time, until the end of February. ¬†Don’t wait!


Thanks so much for all your support. ¬†Please, spread the word. ūüôā




Free To A Good Home

6 Aug
Free Print!

Free Print!

So…I’m giving away a print…you know, to hang on your wall. Or to play frisbee with! Drink coaster extraordinaire! Gift wrap?? Whatever you want! If you win, its yours. One print. Love it and call it George.

You want in?? Leave your favorite quote below!

Today is the last day, tell your friends.  More details here.