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Studio Party

29 Jul
Model: Olivia Germano

Model: Olivia Germano

Every now and again, friend and fellow creative Lindsay Vigue hosts an open studio night.  The entire purpose of this, beside to enjoy ourselves and network, is to CREATE.  In a nutshell, hair & make up artists, models, bands/dj’s and photogs all get together for a night of fun.

If you ever have an opportunity to do something similar, where ever you are, I highly recommend it. That many artists in one space is guaranteed inspiration!  It’s an atmosphere of learning and encouragement that anyone would benefit from. =)

It’s a Portrait Kind of Weekend

16 Apr
Model: Beth

Model: Beth

Running a photography business is work!  There are calls to make, emails to send, insurance to procure, blogs to write…  It’s a 9-5er, on top of the 9-5er I already have.  One thing it’s not though is a chore, tedious, boring, bothersome or frustrating.

Hmmm…I guess that’s five things. =)

The point is, I love photography.  I never want to get the point where it becomes ‘just a job’ and to ensure that, I live for “fun nights”.  These are the sort of nights where creativity flows like wine.  Wine also flows, if we have it. Haha

They are nights where I can renew my love for the art or photos, where I can feel inspired, learn and try new techniques without having to worry if it will fit a client’s agenda.  They are, just as they sound, fun.

Saturday night I had a beautiful model, more clothing than we knew what to do with and several hours on our hands.  Our only agenda was to create. I’d say we used it productively!

Make the time to appreciate your art.  Love what you do. ❤ Photo. ❤