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Crazy with a Capital “C”(anoe)

25 Sep
Canoe Sculpture

Canoe Sculpture

I admit…to my knowledge, this is my first time seeing a Nancy Rubin’s sculpture.  My next admission, though, is that I was impressed.  It’s hard not to be.

My recent trip to Chicago was my first (though hopefully not my last!) and being new to the city, I was expected to see the notable landmarks.  The Cloud Gate in Millenium Park, the view from a tower, the Riverwalk, the Chicago Theater to name a few…oh, and of course, Navy Pier.  So, the collective group of photo-walkers did what any sane group of people would do…we packed up very expensive and heavy equipment, put on uncomfortable walking shoes, forgot to buy snacks and took a hike around town to check out the sights.

Er…umm…ok, well maybe that’s what I did. Nick had sneakers on and Will didn’t seem to mind the weight of his equipment. haha

We got to Navy Pier a few hours before sunset and took a quick trip up to the top floor of a parking garage to admire the dramatic clouds, the soft light and Chicago’s beautiful skyline.  And as far as you all know, we didn’t climb to any dangerous vantage points to do it. 😉

Our next order of business was finding something to eat, but on our way out of Navy Pier, we had to…just haaaaddd to take some photos with the canoes.  To me, not only was it an interesting piece of art with impact, but it was fitting both in content (we were on a lake!) and style.  One of things I’ve come to like about Chicago is the character of it’s architecture…I found myself impressed with the steel and glass lines, the concrete curves and the carved stone that decorated the sky above our heads.  The aluminum and steel cables of Nancy Rubin’s installation seemed to fit right in.

Bravo, Ms. Rubins.  Bravo. 🙂

For a little more information about the artist, according to the Wik, go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nancy_Rubins