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The Watcher :: ME

18 Apr
The Watcher :: ME

The Watcher :: ME


This is throwback to summer 2017 when I took a last minute road trip to Nubble light with some friends. If I recall correctly, I think there was a chance of northern lights…. but in the time it took to get there, the kp died down and we were “stuck” with just the Milky Way. ❤️

This is 8 frames stitched together into a pano, with a little magic dust sprinkled on top.

Winter Is Coming

5 Dec



…(did I just score some points with Game of Thrones fans?? ;-D)

Anyway, this is a photo of the iconic Portland Head Light.  It’s one of those places that has been photographed from every possible angle, with all possible lighting and and weather conditions.  So obviously, I had to have a version of my own. haha

Like most heavily visited areas, the image and the reality of the place are a little different.  What you don’t see is a fence line keeping tourists away from the rocks so they don’t fall into the ocean, a worn dirt and gravel path along the fence line as far as you can see, and at least a handful of other tourists who were braving the cold with me.

What you also don’t see is photogs like me doing yoga with their tripods over the fence trying to get a better angle than what the state determined to be safe.  Or the sagging spot in the fence where it would seem (because obvi, I didn’t do it! *cough cough*) most people hopped over to climb the rocks.

Most of these iconic spots – the places you associate with…well…places – are now a handful of scenic surrounded by regulations.  It is, without a doubt, a beautiful place.  But the images of a rugged coastline are somewhat decieving.

Makes me crave a little bit of the unexplored, of the undiscovered, of the wild.  There are days where I want a secret, beautiful spot that I can call my own, creating unique photos that will wow.

But for now, until I’m independently wealthy and able to finance a trip to where the wild things grow…this little bit of Maine will do. 🙂

Chicago Skyline

16 Oct
Chicago Skyline HDR Pano

Chicago Skyline HDR Pano

A pano is a thing of beauty…at least, it is when you’re photographing beautiful things. =)

From the moment I took this pano series, I was excited…Will from WhereToWillie.com suggested we try breaking onto a rooftop on Navy Pier for a better view of the area.  While we didn’t necessarily have to ninja-skulk around (turns out there was a very public parking garage on the top floor of the building we chose), our exploration efforts were rewarded with great light, a lot of texture i the sky, and a spectacular view of the city skyline.  A++ to Will for his suggestion. 😉

Photo courtesy of Nick Exposed

Photo courtesy of Nick Exposed

And, A+++++ to my climbing skills.  You do what you have to do to get a shot! haha