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Juuuusssstttt Rrrrriiiiiggghhhttt

28 Aug
Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

While I was in Pennsylvania visiting family, my niece and I took a drive.  The plan was to bring the camera out for a hike, stretching our legs and flexing our creative muscles at the same time.  Along the way, we had both been pointing out/stopping for any photo opportunities that presented themselves.

This particular gem was my niece’s doing.  I was a bit further back on the trail, shooting one of the lower cascades.  My niece told me to bring the camera up….and she was right.  The way the light fell through the leaves, the curves of the creek, the asymmetrical patterns of the rock shelves.  This view is her composition.  Not bad for 13 yrs old, eh? 🙂

Thank goodness she hasn’t learned PhotoShop yet, or I could have some stiff competition within the family. haha

This particular edit went through three stages.  The first one was too dark, lacked definition and was on the cool side.

Waterfall - Dark

Waterfall – Dark


The second one was a touch too warm and bright…or at least, according to my memory of the place.

Waterfall - Bright

Waterfall – Bright

But the third edit (seen at the top of this post)…dark layered on top of the bright, 25% opacity…well, that one was juuuusssttt riiiiggghhhttt!


Sunset on a Lake

22 Aug

I’ve been craving a pier/dock/long exposure/silky water shot for a while…  I think it stems, for the most part, by feeling awfully inspired by another CT photographer named Kevin Corrado’s work.  He does some fabulous B&W minimal seascapes – look it up, you won’t be disappointed!

Well, sometimes, you just have to make a photo happen.  I was driving back from Pennsylvania this weekend, and took one of my many rest stops at Lake Wallenpaupack in Somewhere, PA.  Finding the public docks on the lake took some doing – it wasn’t the short trip off the highway I envisioned – but life is an adventure, right?  And this sunset made it totally worth it!

Lake Wallenpaupack - Pennsylvania

Lake Wallenpaupack – Pennsylvania