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Making Memories

19 Aug
The View :: Peru

The View :: Peru

Do you wonder if the people who live in beautiful places remember to appreciate the view?


In 2013 I took a dream trip to Peru to hike the Inka Trail to Mach Picchu, and…well…it didn’t turn out the way I expected. Still, traveling comes with uncertainty…thats part of what makes it exciting…and I made the best of my situation. For the full story, and a bunch of previously unreleased images, you can check out the newest issue of Light & Landscape magazine.


The magazine subscription is free, but is only for ios device users (iPad, iPhone, etc) through the Newstand app. For the rest of you (us! I have an Android!) make sure to follow me on Instagram where I will be leaking the images over the next few weeks!


29 Jul
Mirage :: Peru

Mirage :: Peru

I’m not a slave of darkness, I am the slave of light. – Rumi

When I went to Peru in 2013, I had Machu Picchu on my mind.  It would be hard not to. MP is one of the most historically impressive, well-marketed sites in the world.

The Sacred Valley is so much more than just MP though. This area of Peru is steeped in history, culture, beautiful Incan sites all nestled among gorgeous mountains, valleys and rivers. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with the place.

This image of sunset at Chinchero, one of many beautiful sites in the Sacred Valley of Peru, will be part of an upcoming article in Light & Landscape Magazine.  The magazine will be available through iTunes, so all you iUsers out there, watch for it!


9 Oct

…is frickin’ amazing!

Moray, Peru

Moray, Peru

I went there with one focus: Machu Picchu. But turns out there is an incredibly rich culture beyond that one site… and extensive ruins from other towns, settlements, religious sites, etc throughout the country. 😉

This image is of Moray, one of many incredible sites throughout the Sacred Valley.  It is hypothesized to be a…well…greenhouse of sorts.  The terraces range drastically in temperature from top to bottom, and the surrounding hills protect the crops from wind and extreme weather.

Furthermore, as a little side tidbit from our guide that day, all sites are well planned and designed before they are constructed.  Not only does each site involve significant engineering (drainage, retaining walls, etc), but they are patterned after signifcant icons or ideas within the Incan belief system.  In this case, the site is believed to be constructed in a design honoring the notions of fertility, growth and bounty.

In other words… I ❤ Peru. 🙂