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Otis the Wonderfloof

19 Dec

A month or so ago, my friend squuueeed with excitement when she saw the colored powder pet portraits by photographer Jessica Bell. Her doggo, Otis, has been in training for a while now with the goal of becoming The World’s Goodest Boy. Which is to say, he knows commands like “stay”, “forward”, and can jump with a fair amount of athleticism.

All that was missing was the powder, right???

This weekend, we carved out some time to play. There was, I admit, a steep learning curve. Figuring out the lighting, the time values on my camera, and the timing in general was an exercise in patience. There are definitely things I would do differently / better the next time I try it. But damn was it a lot of fun. And the most important lesson I learned yesterday?

Otis the Wonderfloof was, most definitely, The Goodest Boy. ❤

Andiamo :: Italy

1 Dec

Pretty little walk in a small waterfall park in Italy. Can you believe I forgot to download photos from this trip…FROM MAY?

Better late than never, I guess.

Just a reminder, the holiday print sale ends on December 5. Only a few more days to get your orders in! If you see a photo you like, shoot me an email at seespotsphoto@yahoo.com. We’ll get er done.

Slimer :: VT

28 Nov

No, there was not actual slime. Or ghosts. That I saw.

Happy cyber monday, y’all! See a photo you absolutely need to own? (Or one you vaguely like and think Aunt Bessie will cherish?) Send me a message and we’ll get it ordered and shipped in time for the holidays. ❤

Tunnel View :: PA

26 Nov

A Small Business Saturday photo, for your enjoyment. 😉

Holiday Deals

25 Nov

Spoiler Alert: Black Friday Deals will be the same as Small Business Saturday Deal. ;-P

Through December 5, 2022, I’m running a 20% off sale on four sizes of paper prints: 8×10, 11×14, 11×16 and 16×20. Message me to purchase. You can see my landscape gallery here.

  • 8×10: Normally $25, NOW $20
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  • 16×20: Normally $75, NOW $60

**Shipping, if needed, will be an additional cost. Cannot ship internationally. Custom cut mats available, cost based on print size.**

Want something other than paper? Canvas? Metal? Contact me at seespotsphoto@yahoo.com and we’ll chat!

Holiday Deals Are Coming!

23 Nov

You can tell this is a holiday photo because of the snow…….. Did I ever mention how pretty Utah dark skies are? *wistful sigh*

UMMM What was I saying? Oh, yes! I remember.

On Black Friday, we’ll be running a 20% off sale for certain sized prints. Stay tuned (errr, check here or sign up the newsletter reminder) for more information!

Intimate Landscapes

21 Nov

Just a collection of intimate landscapes I’ve taken. Some are old, but many are new within the last 1.5 yrs. (Pandemics, amiright?) They’ve been a fun challenge. Dedicated photography trips have been scarce these last few years, so I’ve been on the hunt for smaller scenes (meaning, within my frame, I’ve isolated just a small section of a larger scene) to keep my photography skills from getting too rusty.

Enjoy! ❤

Good Water, eh?

17 Nov

We recently took a trip to Niagara. Everyone comes for the big show (rainbows and 80,000 gallons of water a second) but dat sneaky falls is pretty, too!

Mellow Yellow :: VT

14 Nov

Mark this date on the calendar, folks. The day I finally edited a backlog of photos!

Enjoy this moody New England morning from the end of the summer. 🙂


Golden Hour :: PA

13 Oct