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The Details

14 Jun

The other night, I was editing an image.  I was cloning out a scuff on the wall behind my subject, and a friend asked why I would bother.

My answer? Portrait edits are an art unto themselves.  The difference between an “ok” photo and a photo that pops can very well be in the details.

Kevin Howard - Edit

Kevin Howard – Edit


Kevin Howard - No Edit

Kevin Howard – No Edit

Obviously, as with anything else in life, there needs to be some substance to the image to begin with.  Good composition, feel…an emotional connection to the subject are all so important in portrait photography.  The thing that adds the polish though, is a strong edit.

Are the tones even?  Are there distracting shadows? Are the eyes bright? Teeth? Are there distracting blemishes? Wrinkles? Fly-aways?

What about the background?  Is the backdrop clear of distractions?  If you missed something while shooting, are you making a conscious decision to leave that in while you post process…or did you never see it to begin with?

Personally, I almost always prefer to dress my images up before I show them to the world.  Especially when these are paid images that will be used for publication!  A happy client will bring you more business…and that alone is motivation to clone stamp til the cows come home! 😉

Kevin Howard - Poster

Kevin Howard – Poster