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Day Trippin’

10 Mar
The Road Less Travelled :: MA

The Road Less Travelled :: MA

Or…in this case…the path less travelled? Or, for those of us in the States, “traveled”?

Over the Fall, I had the opportunity to introduce one of my good friends to Parker River Wildlife Refuge in Massachusetts. It’s a lovely, diverse park with plenty of hiking trails (among many other activities, but hiking and photos are my thing. Lol)


You can read more about the park and see a few more pictures on my Outbound page here. ūüôā

The Crown Jewel

18 Nov
The Crown Jewel :: New Hampshire

The Crown Jewel :: New Hampshire

With all of the controversy surrounding the Keystone pipeline, it’s easy to find articles both for and against. ¬†Today, I read one such article that pretty much infuriated me. ¬†For the sake of not poking the bear, I’ll gloss over the details of the balance between money and human rights, but I will say that it – in part – also had to do with the impact of industrial ventures on the environment, and by extension, the people and animals that live there.

It¬†was a strong reminder to¬†appreciate views¬†like this sunset over Cherry Pond in New Hampshire. ¬†The property is just stunning with¬†one beautiful and tranquil view after another. ¬†David and I spent a few hours there and saw only a handful of other people in the parking lot – none on the trails. ¬†I’m so grateful that I live in a region of the country with so much green space, and specifically, I’m glad for the partnership between the Audubon, the state of New Hampshire and the US Fish/Wildlife Service that preserved¬†the Pondicherry Refuge space. ¬†We are already planning a return trip for next year….perhaps you’ll join us?¬†ūüôā