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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

9 Feb


Last year, over the summer, I explored this place and I told myself that I would make it back here on a snowy, windless day to get some reflections on the reservoir.

I went back on Friday for sunset…sort’ve a boring sky, but I thought it might still work because the snow-pines-reflection combo was pretty rad. Then I got close enough to see the “new improved paint job”.


Pretty much the exact opposite of “leave no trace”.  It’s up to all of us to respect and protect our shared spaces.  This isn’t just a photographer’s perspective, though this did call for some adjustments to my original plan (see the new composition with a totally different angle and unfortunately no snowy pines above!).  This is a human perspective.  This is a long-term planner’s perspective. This is a “what mess are we leaving for the next generation” perspective…the generation, I might add, that will be taking care of us in our old age, so it’s probably in everyone’s best interest not to ruin all of the pretty, peaceful spots before they have a chance to enjoy them too! ;-p


We Are One

10 Jul
We Are One

We Are One

I’ve always thought there was something intimate about the way the ocean caresses the shore.  There is an interconnectedness.  A reminder that what affects one affects us all.  We are one world, one international community, one people and it benefits us all to embrace the ideas of love, tolerance, understanding and respect. ❤

This image was from the workshop I took with Toby Harriman, David Gaiz and Michael Shainblum.  Such a pleasure working with and chatting with those guys…and I got the added bonus of spending some time with my good friend David Pasillas, as well as making a few new photo-friends along the way.  Overall, it well worth the time and effort to fly to Cali! 🙂

On the whole, this photo is a blend of HDR and luminosity masks, with some minor color and light tweaks here and there.