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Happy Earth Day!

22 Apr

Celebrations should have gifts, don’t you think??  Therefore…my gift to you, my friends….or at least to my friends who are on Facebook…is a free banner!

Sea Lions Facebook Banner

Sea Lions Facebook Banner

It’s not much…but you know…starving artist and all that. lol  If you’re on the FB, come find me!  (Like it.  I double-dog-dare-ya!)

This image of sea lions napping was taken at La Jolla in California.  As soon as I saw the jumble of yellows and browns of the sea lion families, I fell in love.  Not only were they adorable, but the range of colors among them was fascinating.  (Can you tell I’m an “earth tones” kind of person?)

Those of you who know me, know I’m a tree hugging kind of gal.  And Earth Day…a reminder to respect and protect the only planet we’ve got…well…that is my kind of holiday.

There is so much that can be said about saving the trees (so we can make enough oxygen), or recycling (because we’re running out of places to bury our trash) or preserving water (so the ridiculously cute sea lion babies have a safe place to grow up)…but I won’t.  That’s what the EPA is for!  An authoritative voice on what you can do to help the environment.  Authoritative in a pleasant suggestions sort of way. 🙂  Go here to read about some small things you could do to keep Mama Earth kickin’ for the forseeable future.

Oh…think baby sea lions can’t persuade you?  Think again!

Baby Sea Lion

Baby Sea Lion

<insert girly excited squeal here>

This little guy was about 50 feet from me, alone on a rock, enjoying a sun bath.  I called out to him, and he turned his face my way…just enough time to capture this shot.

Dear Baby Sea Lion…I heart you.

I’m a Photographer (And So Can You!)

13 Mar

Well, I did it.  I survived a quick (wonderfully awesome sleep deprived) trip to Cali…and boy are my arms tired!  It’s going to take a while to download and edit all of the photos from the long weekend, but if you follow my instagram, you’ve gotten the sneak preview.

For those of you who are late to the IG party, here is a post to catch you up.  Of course…you coooouuulllddd just hit the follow button on my IG profile (seeingspotsphoto).  That would pretty much put you in the know, real-time.  Who wouldn’t want that??

For those of you like David Pasillas who think, “This Instagram thing will never catch on”…………………… Pffft.


Travelgram - Airport People Mover

Travelgram – Airport People Mover


Travelgram - Sea Lion Beach Bums

Travelgram – Sea Lion Beach Bums


Travelgram - Joshua Tree National Park

Travelgram – Joshua Tree National Park


Travelgram - Pacific Sunset

Travelgram – Pacific Sunset