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Sanguine :: ME

2 May

Sanguine :: ME

(Alternate working title: “Dat Light Tho”.)¬†

For those of you without the Googles handy, Sanguine means “hopeful, upbeat, positive”….and these days, who couldn’t use some hope? Also, it’s a funny looking word and I wanted to use it. ūüėā
Nerdy Stuff: This is a composite of three different exposures, for focus stacking, foreground and sky.

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Footsteps of Giants :: U.K.

14 Feb
Footsteps of Giants :: England

Footsteps of Giants :: U.K.

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

There are a lot of stumbling blocks in our lives, reasons we feel fear, or sadness, or anger…but it is also within our power to choose life. ¬†We can choose to moderate our¬†fears with reason. ¬†We can choose to accept the sadness, and move past it. ¬†We can quench most anger with discussion, compromise and forgiveness. ¬†We can choose to embrace the good.

While these things start as choices, embraced¬†by both heart and mind, they are more than just an adopted philosophy. ¬†To truly live fully, your thoughts must be reflected in your actions. ¬†Say yes to adventure. ¬†Create memories. ¬†Vocalize your love for the people you care about. ¬†Open your heart to the people you have just met. Be willing to listen to another person’s story, and try to understand their perspective. ¬†Choose empathy – there is only one race, and we are all in this together. Have an enthusiasm for life that shows in every aspect of your world.

For me, choosing to live and seeking adventure started years ago with deciding that I was worthy, I was good enough, and damnit, if other people could find a way to bring their dreams to life, well, “Why not me?” ¬†Since that moment, when I opened my heart to possibilities, I have been lucky enough to see the beauty in both the countries and cultures of the world (like Northern Ireland, above), to face intimidating¬†challenges head-on and to meet some truly incredible individuals¬†who have reinforced my belief that most people are fundamentally good. ¬†My life has been immeasurably enriched by my willingness to live.

Nerdy Stuff: This image was taken at Giant’s Causeway. ¬†It is two blended images, for exposure and focus. ūüôā ¬†Want more info about classes with us? ¬†Contact us at info at seeingspotsphoto dot com.



Newest Magazine Article is Live!

28 Nov


Like free landscape photography articles?  Want to learn from the experiences of experts?  Check out Light & Landscape Magazine, a wonderful resource that I love contributing to.

Not an iUser?  You can also follow along on their instagram page!

This month’s article is about our photo-walk in Acadia National Park last month with some of the students over at the Light & Landscape Members Area. ¬†If you are looking for that perfect gift for your favorite photography enthusiast, consider a private lesson through the instructors (David and I) or a monthly education subscription through the Member’s Area!

The Guardians

25 May
The Guardians :: OR

The Guardians :: OR

“We men and women are all in the same boat, upon a stormy sea. We owe to each other a terrible and tragic loyalty.” – G. K. Chesterton

These sea stacks were found along the Oregon coast on an overcast, not so sunset-y sunset. ¬†But then, I’m a landscape photographer, and I enjoy the weather that no one else likes because it’s so darn photogenic! lol

I’m working on a new tutorial project to help supplement my teaching materials for the Members Area over at Light & Landscape. ¬†You know….a few¬†free videos to help you learn, my gift to you! ¬†Can’t beat the price, right? ūüėČ

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21 Mar
Defiance :: CT

Defiance :: CT

“An island of calm in a sea of uncertainty…”


I spent a little time last week down at the shore, putting together example images for next month’s Light and Landscape Member’s Area lesson plan. ¬†This photo¬†was a happy little by-product of the trip. ¬†And by happy, of course, I mean angry skies. haha ¬†We’ve been having some strange weather lately. ¬†This morning, the second day of spring, we woke up to 4+ inches of snow in the back yard…but that’s New England for ya!

If you’re interested in getting any info about our teaching program and photography community, you can contact us at¬†support@availablelightmedia.com¬†. ¬†We’d be happy to give you the overview and answer your questions! ¬†You can also check out a small sampling of some of our student’s work in the next issue of Light and Landscape Magazine, the number one landscape photography magazine on iTunes. ūüôā ¬†You can find it in the newsstand app!

The settings, for those interested: 10 mm, 4 seconds, ISO 100, f/11, grad ND

Flow: The Art of Waterscapes

25 Nov


It’s here! ¬†Want to get your hands on a FREE e-lookbook (loaded with purty photos and tips to help you get started on your own waterscapes)?

The best part?? ¬†Everyone who downloads their PDF copy of Flow: The Art of Waterscapes is automatically entered into a drawing for a FREE PRINT! ¬†The drawing will happen on December 4 (next week) so don’t wait!

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The holidays came early, folks! ¬†By, like, a day. haha ¬†But still. ¬†This is my way of giving thanks to all of you for being so dang supportive of David and I this year, with the release of our first full length (hilarious) educational photo book, “Photography. DUH.”.
Because really, you guys rock. ¬†For serious. ‚̧

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! ūüôā

“Ahem. My lens is up here.”

27 Aug
Balanced Flow :: RI

Balanced Flow :: RI


You can thank David for that title. haha

This week, I was honored to be included in a pretty comprehensive list of Inspiring Female Landscape Photographers, put together by Sarah Marino. ¬†She did a really nice job¬†expressing how I feel when she says that instead of being a “female landscape photographer”, it would be great to be recognized as a landscape photographer who also happens to be female. Every industry has its challenges though, and hopefully resources like this list will help make the hard-working landscape photo-ladies easier to find when companies are looking for speakers, teachers, etc. ūüôā

I feel so very honored to have made the list with so many other talented, inspiring women busting their butts to make it their goals a reality!¬†Check it out, show Sarah some love and hopefully you’ll discover some new, awesome talent out there in the world.

As for the above shot? ¬†I took that in Block Island a few weeks back. ¬†I thought the composition had a nice “yin yang” potential, so I did the smart thing…plopped myself in the way of some incoming waves, and then was shocked when a rogue one snuck up on me and almost drowned my camera. haha ¬†(Don’t worry…the gear is fine!)