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Tractor in the Barn

13 May
Parked for the Night

Parked for the Night

I stopped by the farm yesterday (before I went out to mosquito and tick land) and fell in love with the way the sunlight was falling into the hay barn through the old, warped barn wood on the back wall.

The tractor (which happens to be one of many on the property – the farm owner collects antique tractors) made a perfect subject to fill the frame.  Coincidentally, this will also make a perfect gift for the farm owner come the holidays! Double win! 😉

Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine where you are, and loving on your Momma’s for Mother’s Day.  Now that I’ve finished this photo, and tomorrow’s post on Color Distortions (Teaser!! Make sure to check back! haha) it’s time for me to go enjoy the rest of my Sunday too. 🙂