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The Interwebs

15 Dec

Today, a photographer has to be so much more than a person with a camera. At the very least, to run a business, most photographers need to be proficient in email, become a master of online marketing and learn to use social media (Facebook and Twitter, for example) as a means to understand their clientele. For me, it also involves the use of search engines to research, online shopping for the best deals on camera equipment, google earth for location scouting…and online photo communities.

Now, in my mind, online photo communities and forums can be an invaluable resource for inspiration, education, networking and constructive feedback. There is, of course, varying degrees of quality for all of those items based on both the skills of the community contributors and the intangible “standard” that all participants adhere too.  In other words some forums…G+ or pbase, for example…tend to be supportive environments compared to some URL’s where the M.O. is less civilized.

Another great resource for the evolving photo enthusiast is YouTube…I’ve found that for editing in particular, seeing a video of someone’s signature method is helpful!

It seems that the modern photographer needs to have their hands in several pots.  They need to find time to develop relationships with clients on the FB, tweet about the newest trends, learn from upper echelon artists on G+, get feedback and inspiration from their community of choice (pbase.com, flickr, etc), market their wares at zazzle/cafepress/redbubble, learn the newest masking technique on YouTube, research with Goodsearch.com (shameless plug!  Choose “Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue – East Longmeadow, MA” at your charity of choice and they’ll receive a penny for every search)…find your way with Google maps, write about your experiences with WordPress (double shamless plug?)…and….  Oh yeah!  You need to find time to actually practice your craft and shoot a few frames.

This is what I call multi-tasking...

This is what I call multi-tasking...

Piece of cake, right?

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