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Dashed :: Iceland

6 Jul
Dashed :: Iceland

Dashed :: Iceland


I’ve not taken a poll, I’ll admit. However, I suspect most photographers who set foot in Iceland want to see Vestrahorn. Sure, it may not fit into the itinerary…it’s a car rental and six hours from Reykjavik, after all. But that doesn’t mean they don’t *want* to see it. It’s friggen majestic.

I’m no exception. Vestrahorn was on my radar, so despite the absurd driving time and car rental and the gas station/food/bathroom/waterfall and glacier lagoon stop logistics, I was going.  Unfortunately, I brought the extreme wind and sideways hail with me. But damn it, my friend Melissa and I drove all that way and we were going to photograph it.

We bundled into our rain clothes -some for us, some for our camera bodies-and stepped into the tempest. The wind howled, and ripped at our clothes and I spent more time wiping my lens dry than actually shooting. Hunker, wait for a lull, wipe the lens, wipe it a second time for good measure, focus, shoot, repeat. But, you know, with more hunkering. And more numb fingers.

In the end, I let this photo sit in the archives for years because…well, truthfully, because hypothermia may have done long term brain damage and affected my judgement. Oh, and also because I thought I hadn’t gotten anything worth editing. Especially not worth editing the raindrops out.

But hey, we can’t be right all of the time, I guess. So I present to you, several years later, my dashed hopes for a sunset at Vestrahorn! Or maybe it was sunrise. I can’t remember.

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Fire Water :: CT

17 Jan
Fire Water :: CT

Fire Water :: CT

Fact: Lightning is powerful, awe-inspiring, scary, dangerous and beautiful.

To nature and landscape photographers, that’s often an irresistible combination of traits for something to have.  And, like most things we photograph – the ocean filled with rogue waves and sharks, the frozen lake we pray doesn’t crack open while we’re on it, the mountain view at sunrise that required a hike in the dark through bear country –  the question is always, “How do we make a beautiful image without getting dead?”

2016 was a year of expanding my skills.  One of the things I tried my hand at for the first time was lightning photography and IT.WAS. AWESOME!  Of my three lightning season trips last year, this shot is my favorite.  There is a lot to improve upon still, but the experiences of being one with the storm, so to speak….those memories are just about perfect!