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Moody and Mono

8 Aug
Enders Falls - Mono and Moody

Enders Falls – Mono and Moody

As I mentioned in last week’s post, some images tell you what they need and want.  This shot was definitely one of them.  As I compared this RAW to last week’s RAW, I immediately knew which version of these falls would be color and which screamed to be monochrome.

It’s interesting what a difference there is between the two images.  To me, the color image has a soft, mystical feel.  The colors and light after soft and soothing.  The monochrome goes in the opposite direction, with darker tones.

When I first opened this image, I knew that I loved the composition, but was pretty sure there were deep shadows I wouldn’t be able to recover smoothly.  I knew from past experience that forcing those edits would stand out like a sore thumb, and/or warp the color image in a direction that didn’t feel natural.  That kind of made the mono decision for me.

Now to execute!

Rather than just a blanket desaturation, I pulled out each individual color channel.  That gave me the ability to choose the light/dark level for each color. From there I tweaked each section of the image, working to get the best tones from the rocks, the water, etc using different exposure layers and masks.

In the end, the image worked well as a back and white because it had several of the ingredients that make a successful monochrome.  In this case, the deep shadows are broken by a lighter diagonal lines of the falls, a composition win.  There is also a copious amount of texture, and tonal range which are important component in the creation of a successful black and white image.  (Yes, that was just an excuse to use the word copious.)  As with any black and white image, the lack of color forces the viewer to focus on the technicalities of photography.  It is, 100% of the time, considered good practice to keep your “photo tool bag” up to date.  As you work through any shoot, make it a point to notice the areas within a scene that are important components of a black and white image (textures, patterns, strong compositions, good tonal range, etc).  Then go a step further, to work through the skills that make ANY image…color or otherwise…a success.

As they say, practice makes progress!  🙂

The Great Lens Cap Tragedy of 2013

29 Jul

Did you know they make these nifty little lens cap bungie attachments?  I do.  Because I’ve been gifted (and broken them) before.

It happened.  Again.  The lens cap took a cliff dive without it’s swimmies.  Please…a moment of silence, if you would.  May you live on forever in the lens cap afterlife, where cameras and their caps thrive in dry, dust free enviroments.

On the plus side, I did get to swim under a waterfall (if you haven’t done it, add it to your bucket list!) and…well… I got this photo. 🙂

Great Lens Cap Tragedy of 2013

Great Lens Cap Tragedy of 2013

When I was sorting shots to edit (and there were a fair amount.  Hope y’all like waterfall photos. haha), I took one look at this and knew exactly how I wanted to edit it.  It felt like I wanted it to have that peaceful, mystical forest feel.  Strangely, the vertical of this same waterfall series screamed monochrome, with deep shadows and mood (blog post to come.  Gotta milk this shoot as long as possible! lol).

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes, our art takes us on the path it wants, regardless of our original vision?

Sunset Road

13 May

Today’s photo adventure included: Getting lost in the woods, mosquitos, ticks and a beautiful sunset. I think I’ll just share the sunset, if it’s all the same to you?

Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods